Marshmallow Android Wear Update Rolling Out Now, Here’s What Is New

Google is officially giving Android Wear a new significant update during this month. Bundled with major Android Marshmallow features to those holding a compatible device, and the Alphabet-owned company is in the process of rolling out a staggered Android Wear Marshmallow update that will obviously bring new inclusions to users who have not only been crying out for, but that have actually been a part of competing platforms since day one. Catch up right below!

The foremost of the new major features of Marshmallow comes to the Android Wear in the form of being able to make and receive phone calls and listen to messages directly on compatible smartwatch. However, Android Wear actually won’t support phone calling directly, it doesn’t mean that everyone will be able to make use of it. For that an installed hardware will need to have a built-in speaker in order to access these two new features, which of course applies to the Asus ZenWatch 2 and the Huawei Watch. It’s worth remembering that Apple Watch has had this feature from day one.

This latest Android Wear marshmallow-powered update also brings some best enhancements to voice messages. Users of the wearable have long been able to interact with the device with audible voice commands. Now, thanks to this latest update, users of Android Wear will be able to use their voice to send messages from a number of installed messaging apps, such as Google Hangouts, Viber, Telegram, WeChat, NextPlus, and WhatsApp. Android Wear’s biggest competitor, the Apple Watch, continue to offer this level of functionality both for first-party and third-party messaging apps since debut.

Finally, gestures support has also been available on Android Wear for a while now. Google has also taken the opportunity to expand on navigating through Android Wear’s UI on compatible watches with a whole new set of gesture interactions. Users will now be able to scroll up or down through card streams with a simple flick of the wrist in a desired direction without having to touch the screen. Still there, are the new push, lift, and shake gestures that ultimately allow cards to be expanded, apps to be displayed, or to navigate home easily.

Google confirms that it had made it known while the update has started rolling out, should take few weeks before it’s available to everyone.

(source: Google)

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