Meet Daydream: Say Hello To Google’s VR Platform For Android – Needs 4K Phone?

And it’s not to be called Android VR? Google using vast resources to dive two feet first into the world of virtual reality. Like other plethora of companies and newly founded startups, the Alphabet-owned company has used it’s I/O keynote in Mountain View to introduce Daydream, a virtual reality that leverages the power and versatility of Android N as the undergoing operating system. It seems like Android spec race is back again. With the unveil of a far-reaching Daydream VR initiative, Google effectively provided the quest for the biggest and baddest spec sheet among Android manufacturers. Made Daydream, as a more advanced successor to Cardboard, Google’s budget virtual reality technology that has allowed many more people to get involved in the world of fastest growing virtual reality.

Daydream will be one reason you’ll want a 4K phone. Daydream changes that in hurry by demanding better graphical performance, higher resolution, and a sophisticated array of sensors. Additional power of Daydream however sets in a league of its own over the two-year-old Cardboard solution. This platform is a hardware and software virtual reality solution that will be rebooted by a new breed of Android N-powered devices. Looks like Sony Xpera Z5 Premium with 4K display will be more accurate, and other mobile smartphones and tablets includes, virtual reality viewers and headsets, and even motion controllers.


The first wave of Daydream gadgets will be available this coming fall according to Google itself and third-parties as well. Now it looks like the blueprint for a new class of Android phone, which Google will officially certify as Daydream Ready. The minimum specs isn’t known yet, but definitely we get to know about it, will be distinctly high-end.

Google will look to provide a dedicated virtual reality experience in the upcoming devices by introducing something called Android VR Mode in the new era version of the Android OS version. This new mode will essentially provide users with compatible devices with access to a bunch of optimizations that look to improve the overall experience within an app.

When Google flips the switch on something in Android, everyone gets Daydream on board. Phones that meet the Daydream Ready spec are coming this summer from Samsung, LG, HTC, Huawei, Xiaomi, ZTE, Asus, and Alcatel. Sony on the other hand might not be on the list yet, because it is slow rather that uninterested in.

Virtual reality is still highly susceptible to being overwhelmed by its own hype, this mode will also thrust the user into a VR world that will allow the wearer to access dedicated apps and virtual reality-based content, such as dedicated versions of popular sites and services like YouTube, Google Street View and the Google Play Store. Daydream interaction will also allow new and improved interaction with Play Movies and Google Photos.


                           Google’s reference design for Daydream-viewer and controller

As the expertise, this platform is only really one going to be a successful and gets the abilities of the third-party companies recruited to build hardware and software for it. To that end, Google has announced an initial hardware partnerships with oft-mentioned manufacturers to build Daydream-ready smartphones. The company will also work together with the likes of Netflix, Ubisoft, Hulu and Electronic Arts to bring rick media and gaming content to the platform.

For PCs, it’s the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive that makes people to upgrade, while in the mobile realm that role will be played by Google’s Daydream. Discover the killer VR app, many people around will be tempted to get the Daydrean Ready phone. Just in case! But for now, it’s definitely something to look forward to.

The exact prices for a Daydream device and headset will likely be unveiled closer to release this fall.

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