Meet Dojo: New Linux Home Security System Now Available To Pre-order Starting At $99 [Video]

We are today speaking about an all-new Linux-based home security system that has been unveiled as, called Dojo. Created specifically to provide an extra essential layer between hackers, viruses and malware and your home network and devices. Details on what this small compact-sized pebble-like gadget brings with it for your house.

Dojo, a new Linux home security system has been designed to protect all your connected devices from any cyber attack, whereas by keeping your privacy intact and be in full under control. It is powered by the Linux operating systen=m and comes complete with a companion app that keeps you alerted (notified) and updated if any issues are detected on your home WiFi network.


According to the team of security experts and hackers on a mission to build a security net around the connected home. Currently no one leading a charge in defining how we secure this new frontier of technology that is entering out most private space. For that reason, the company designed Dojo – a security tech that connects to your network and acts as the essential layer between smart devices and any threats to your security and privacy.

The development team behind the Dojo explain more about its inspiration and features:

The pebble is free to move about your home and glows when there is activity that needs to be addressed in the app, and is designed so it doesn’t need to be yet another thing you line up next to your TV.” Followed by, “Dojo actually learns. It gets to know devices and finds patterns in their behavior that define their level of security and common vulnerabilities. It’s a sophisticated defense system that utilizes pattern recognition to learn to detect threats. Without even having to look at the data or knowing what’s attacking, Dojo can block them. It listens to patterns, not your data.”

This new hardware, Dojo keeps in touch via a simple chat app, and only gets in touch when there’s something afoot. Most importantly, you are in control. Make you sure about you’re aware of any issues before they affecrt your privacy or security. You will need only a single tap to decide.


Watch the videos below to learn more about this new security device below.

It is what so-called Dojo is available to pre-order throgh Amazon – priced at $99. For a limited time. If you are interested in securing your home network from malicious software and hackers with shipping starting during March 2016.

(Source: Dojo Labs)

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