Meet, Google’s New Video Conferencing App For Business Enterprise Version Of Hangouts

This isn’t the first time Google offering it as a communication app, but rather just rolled out a new one that you might soon use at work. Here are the details.

Meet by Google Hangouts lets G Suite users set up and join HD video conferences. Meet currently has a Web app and an iOS version, but unfortunately, there’s nothing for Android or even a product description page as yet.


On the other hand it appears to be Google quietly keeping this on the down-low for the time being. This new video conferencing application called Meet by Hangouts, a desktop version that lets you join a meeting by simply entering a code and shows you scheduled meetings, which you can’t yet start a new conference from the site.

As TechCrunch noted, the iOS Meet app’s listing however, mentions features like dial-in numbers for people who can’t access the video stream, as well as integration with Gmail and Google Calendar.

The timing which Google decided to launch Meet for users of its productivity suite is interesting though. Given that just two weeks ago, Amazon unveiled its Crime app for video conferencing.

For now, at this point it’s very hard to consider whether Google’s new offering can hold its own against competition from the likes of Microsoft’s Skype and GoToMeeting; however, deep integration with the company’s popular suite of productivity tools – which might also mean that it cost is included in G Suite’s subscription fee – might nevertheless make it good deal for the 3 million companies that are already invested in the search giant’s set of apps.

The URL, is somewhat up-and-running, on the iOS App Store not yet live [Update: app pulled]. Based on the screenshots and the App Store’s detail page, Google’s Meet is especially meant to serve as a business-friendly alternative to Hangouts, the company consumer-focused messaging, voice and video chat application.


Similar to Hangouts, Meet also offers group video calls, not only video chats, but in an expanded capacity. Where Hangouts is limited to 10 people, Meet says it supports high-def video meetings with up to 30 participants.

More information will be updated here once anything comes out in the near future. Stay tuned.

(Source: TechCrunch)

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