Meet Leef iAccess: This Accessory Brings microSD Card Slot To iPhone

Big question here is that whether an iPhone accept a microSD card? Although memory card adapters for an iPhone come in a variety of different forms, making Apple’s iOS-based smartphones an even more effective business tool by allowing users expand its phone storage capabilities. Leef, the designer and developer of flash memory-based products that was formed in 2010, has officially announced its latest accessory built for Appleā€™s iPhone. New Leef iAccess is a compact, well intergued device that connects directly into the Lightning port of one of Apple’s modern iOS devices, bringwing with it the ability to access additional storage through a microSD card slot built into the mini accessory.

The main idea behind the Leef iAccess is that it eventually provides an extremely quick mechanism for iOS device owners to on time upload photographs and videos stored on a microSD card directly to a connected iPhone or iPod touch. The product which we are talking about would be pretty beneficial if you actually think to expand the iPhone storage capacity, which could have opted to save a little bit of money by purchasing one of Apple’s 16GB iPhones. With the accessory in hand, users will not be limited to any set size of storage. Leef iAccess is able to support SD cards from a minimal 8GB, up to 128GB.

If you buy Leef iAccess then it will also bring with it an accompanying mobile app that is designed to work conjunction with the hardware. Companies like Leef are forced to actually offer a third-party app that acts as a gateway between the accessory due to the limitations that Apple places into its devices. Major reason why Apple don’t let third-party accessories directly access the iOS file system to write files to it.

However, the iAccess is not only the first gadget of its type to offer this type of flash-based storage for iOS devices, but it could be a “game changer”. With that said, the functionality that it provides in such a small and powerful package will surely appeal to a lot of individuals looking to expand the storage on their iOS devices. I will be the foremost to look at Leef iAccess. Customers in the United States can expect to part with $49.99 for ownerships of the iAccess, which is available right now directly from Leef.

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