Meizu MX4 Ubuntu Edition Official Now In Europe, Available Through Invite-Only System

It’s all you want to know about the Meizu MX4 Ubuntu Edition, which Canonical takes Meizu’s existing MX4 – Chinese only Android device, announced it as its third Ubuntu phone in Europe. Goes on sale only by invitation system tomorrow in Europe for €299 ($334).

The Ubuntu smartphone comes with Ubuntu Touch OS and has the same specifications as the Android version MX4 that was launched in September last year and replaces Google’s operating system with Canonical’s home screen-focused OS. Canonical says it’s primarily focusing on attracting “enthusiasts” with the MX4, and the device’s mildly eccentric buying system certainly reflects this.

It offers a 5.36-inch screen with a 1152 x 1920 resolution IPS display with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection, sports a 20.7MP main camera, and 2MP front-facing camera onboard. The phone is powered by a 2.1 GHz octa-core MediaTek MT6595 processor. However, there’s only 16GB of storage available with no option to expand this with a microSD card and brings with it a 15:9 apect ratio and 2.6mm slim bezels on its sides.

Home screens are known as “scopes” which you can fill up with shortcuts to Web pages, HTML5-based Web apps, native apps and live-information. Navigation is largely done with a series of gestures, taking you to contacts, notifications, apps or a multitasking carousel.

Finally, the honour goes to the BQ Aquaris E4.5 and Aquaris E5, which became available earlier this year. With better specs and a more attractive design, now that the Ubuntu-equipped Meizu MX4 may be the first phone you may actually want to put your money from your pocket. Available from June 25 through company’s website via an invitation-only system in the form of an interactive origami wall on Meizu’s website.

Cristian Parrino, VP Mobile at Canonical said,

Meizu pioneered the new wave of innovative Chinese manufacturers of high quality, high end devices who have mastered the user centric distribution model that is so popular in China. Their hunger for breaking down current ecosystem dynamics makes them a perfect partner for Ubuntu.

Li Nan, VP at Meizu said,

We’re proud to be partnering with Ubuntu on our first major smartphone launch in Europe, which is a huge milestone for us. Ubuntu is breaking down new barriers in mobile user experience and ecosystem development, and we’re excited to be a part of it.

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