Mercedes-Benz’s New MBUX System Will Fire Wireless CarPlay

Mercedes Benz has confirmed that its new MBUX infotainment system will feature support for wireless CarPlay in future vehicles.

Fans of CarPlay and highly accompanied German cars will be pleased to learn that Mercedes Benz’s future vehicles will be the all-new 2019 A-Class will be the first vehicle equipped with the MBUX system when it goes on sale this year. Wireless CarPlay will expand to other new Mercedes-Benz vehicles next year, according to the spokesperson for the automaker’s parent company Daimler in Germany.

That new A-Class vehicles will also be the first auto shipping with the new MBUX infotainment system, that too, with wireless CarPlay making its way to additional Mercedes-Benz vehicles throughout 2019. It will go in sale in sedan configuration in the United States, but with hatchbacks being so popular throughout Europe. The version that will make its way to the United Kingdom, with Australia and Canada also following out, select other regions.

The spokesperson also said wireless CarPlay will be available in all of those aforementioned markets. But that person for Mercedes-Benz in the U.S. declined to comment on MBUX’s wireless capabilities until midsummer. It’s still early, so it’s possible the company exact vehicle and market rollout of wireless CarPlay could change.

While we also don’t know that MBUX will receive wireless CarPlay support thanks to its parent company, otherwise, Mercedes-Benz US itself is keeping quiet about the MBUX system’s wireless functionality and will apparently say mid-summer. It’s worth noting that we are still a ways off MBUX being released, there’s still plenty of time for specifications, capabilities, and features to change before the A-Class’s wheels hit the road next year.

Barring announcements from other automakers, Mercedes-Benz will likely become the second to offer vehicles with wireless CarPlay functionality, after BMW rolled out the feature starting with its 2017 5 Series a few years ago. Apple first introduced wireless CarPlay in 2016=5 alongside iOS 9. Since then, however, support for it has been very limited indeed, with Mercedes-Benz joining the only company to offer it as part of its cars, being German automobile manufacturer BMW.

Alpine Electronics also offers an aftermarket infotainment system with wireless CarPlay for self-installation in other vehicles. If you’re adding support for CarPlay via a self-install kit, Alpine does make it live as a better solution, though, it will not be the same integrated solution Mercedes-Benz and BMW owners can now look forward to.


Every other automaker that offers CarPlay currently uses a wired implementation that requires connecting the iPhone to the system with a Lightning to USB cable. That platform is available in well over 3000 vehicle models and is considered to be a highly desired feature with strong consumer satisfaction.

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