You Can Dual-Boot Android OS On iPhone Using This MESUIT Case [Video]

In this futuristic world of gadgets you have to actually consider some of the technical challenges and hurdles that individuals and companies overcome to produce cutting-edge products and accessories. Why we are talking about this story today is because there’s something that you can easily do so. You will be able to run Android OS on your damn favorite iPhone. How? That’s what we are here to explain. Continue!

A well-known developer Nick Lee has already teased a DIY hardware project that wrapped an iPhone in a hacked together case that allowed the device to dual-boot into Android. Now, a Chinese company Haimawan has taken that opportunity and took things one step further by releasing the MESUIT case that essentially does exactly the same thing achieved by Lee last month.


If we look at Nick Lee’s attempt to home-based hackery, we might find ourselves experiencing a home-made case that contained an enclosed circuit board with a modified version of Android 6.0 Marshmallow on it. Combined with a custom iOS app running on the iPhone that eventually allowed the user to boot into Android Marshmallow should they wish to do so. This solution is a bit identical, with the MESUIT containing special hardware running a custom MESUIT-themed version of Android skin.

The MESUIT case also comes equipped with a dedicated iOS app that works in conjunction with the gadget to get Android up and running on the iPhone. Great! Try it?

Unlike Lee’s project, the MESUIT also goes step further by shipping with a built-in external battery available in 1,700 (for 6/6s) or 2,500mAh (for 6 Plus/6s Plus) capacities with an additional 16GB of storage. It would seem that running Android on an iOS device is particularly high-anticipated thing, making the built-in battery a god send.


When compared to Lee’s creation, which is obviously a feet of technical genius, and made even more impressive by the fact that it was done at home on limited resources, whereas the MESUIT is a commercial offering that will be sold through a company subsidiary for around the $150 mark in China for iPhone 6/6s and iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus. There’s no word given or made yet on when it will be available in the United States or worldwide.

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