Microsoft’s New Budget Surface Device May Be Announced On July 10

The Surface range of devices from Microsoft has been relatively successful at this point right now. But it sounds like the Redmond-based company is gearing up to introduce another budget-friendly device into the lineup.

On Monday, July 9, the official Surface Twitter account tweeted a post on its timeline, along with a picture of the current Surface products for good measure. The Twitter tweet reads, “Where will Surface go next?” That doesn’t exactly give anything new, but the fact here is that it gives an important detail – as pointed out today by The Verge – to take note of the date on the displays of those Surface products, which reads July 10.

A new Surface lineup Go with Microsoft branding

The image itself doesn’t give any clue by means, Microsoft has shared the family portrait more than a few times in the past. But this is the first time it has shown a specific date and time on each display.

As far as the Microsoft’s Surface products are to be considered, the general consensus at this point appears to be that it’s going to be an all-new tablet device that Microsoft hopes will compete with Apple’s new $329 iPad and the slew of Chromebook devices out there. Rumors have it that Microsoft will also reduce the price for the new Surface device to around $400 and that it will be equipped with Intel Pentium processors under-the-hood.

There have been several predictions about the new Surface tablet series, one of which suggests the new lineup will be called “Surface Go” once it’s available to purchase on store shelves. When a release date is concerned, nothing is official as yet, but the rumor mill has suggested Microsoft will have the new device in its retail stores to showcase on Friday, July 13.

For now, it sounds like Microsoft is going to announce a new range of Surface device starting at 6:00 AM on Tuesday, July 10. Stay tuned for more updates on a $400 Surface device announcement.

Update: It could be worth getting excited about something like Project Andromeda, where it seems to suggest we could see a new style of device. But it’s not that kind, rather meant to hint at a price drop, as Microsoft explores adding different devices to various price points.

Is $400 an intriguing price for you? Share your thoughts and ask questions right below in the comments section.

(source: The Verge; @surface)

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