Microsoft Announces Partnership With 74 Android OEMs To Put Its MS Apps On Mobiles

So the Microsoft apps including Skype and Office coming with Android devices from 74 companies, should pretty easy to find on your new mobile.

Think you are aware of Android apps, iOS dominate the smartphone market with Microsoft’s Windows Phone coming in at a distant third. To get its grip on the app market, Microsoft is reaching out to all these users with their own apps and services. Counter strike, with the new strategy, the Redmond-based software giant announced today that they have poed-in Acer to pre-install Microsoft apps on their devices.

Followed by Samsung‘s, Sony‘s and LG‘s Android devices will also be included on the list of majory industry, which to get Apps from Microsoft. There’s Cyanogen OS as well which comes pre-installed with Microsoft apps.

A real surprsie this year. Microsoft, after announcing that its apps are now bundled with current and futuristic Android devices from 74 companies, which although had a healthy boost from 31 vendos last year has planned to make the things happen. But the odds are now fairly high that you’ll find the MS Office suite, OneDrive, Skype and other Microsoft-made tools on your brand new smartphone or tablet.

Actually, the devices from 74 manufacturers will come pre-loaded with some of these Microsoft apps, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote/Drive etc. Now, from the consumer point of view, all of these are useful apps and many of us would definitely be using these even if they didn’t come pre-installed.

To acquire more instant customers, Microsoft is give a chance to convert users to Windows Phone, but to sell them Microsoft’s own services, like their integrated cloud platform with Office 365 and OneDrive. Microsoft is however not playing catch-up anymore, but leveraging everything it has to get ahead into the mobile space.

Online suite, Microsoft Office apps is quite a rich in features but legs behind in usability. Still there’s no real alternative for users to gain OneDrive’s potential with Microsoft’s connected ecosystem. With pre-installed apps, some free storage and deeper integration within these apps, may see a switch as an incentive.

The Windows maker notes that “IP alignment” is a key factor here — to put it another way, these companies are bundling Microsoft apps in part to avoid patent disputes over their use of Android. Deal with Microsoft apps is clear and fair, when it using its leverage to get its apps and services on as many gadgets as possible.

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