Microsoft Backtracks: Now Say No Free Windows 10 Copy For Preview Beta Testers Nor Insiders

It was a month ago when Microsoft announced the release date timeframe for the full Windows 10 version of desktop OS and word given to those beta testers that they would be getteing a free genuine copy of Windows 10 when launched, through software update. But in the time being the word which Microsoft given is quitely shinking and it backtracks again, and says no free copy of Windows 10 will be giving away by Redmond software maker to those who have registered for Windows Insider program. Clarifies it with the plans and Windows 10 licensing.

Microsoft spent the weekend confusing users of the Windows 10 beta over whether they’d get a free copy of final version, but in the least, post the final decision. No freebies anymore, either you may be in the Windows Insider program or you are running a pirated Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 operating system.

Announced back on Friday that any registered users of its Insider beta version of 10 would get a free upgrade to the full-fledged version when it comes out in July. Now that the software maker later updated its blog post on the matter, making it seem like only people upgrading from Windows 7 or 8 would get a free upgrade, and that too be a genuine ones and not downloaded from the pirate sites or torrents.

It’s not all, but the Microsoft exec Garriel Aul spent his weekend tweeting furosiously, stating in no uncertain terms that anyone “running a prerelease build connected with registered MSA (Microsoft Account)” would remain activated on the final build of Windows 10. Updated his tweet once again to clarify things for all, and it’s a bad news for freeloaders: you’re not getting an activated Windows 10 RTM version for free, unless you originally installed the Windows 10 Preview on a device running an activated copy of Windows 7 or Win 8.1.

Confusion still remains unclear, where it said that Windows 10 Insider program, by which new beta versions of Windows 10 are issued, is going to continue after the release of Windows 10 RTM – and if you’re still registered as a Windows Insider, you won’t need to buy a copy of it. Instead you will continue to receive new, pre-release builds of Windows 10 from Microsoft. Builds that will remain activated until the release of the next beta version.

You can remain an Insider, running the latest (and buggiest) beta version of 10, but never having to pay for it; or, you can pony up for a new licence key like everyone else.


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