Microsoft CMO Confirms Development Of A New “Breakthrough” Surface Phone

Last week in an interview Cheif Marketing Officer of Microsoft, Chris Capossela on Windows Weekly podcast gave some insights on the company’s work over the past one year, not only did but rather hinted that the company is working on a high-end handset. Talked about Windows 10 Mobile and the Windows 10 upgrade for those PC users who are still on Windows 7 and Win 8. Confirming that the company is owrking on a “breakthrough” phone that’s the “spiritual equivalant” of the Surface tablet line, and tipped that “we need time to actually go build that”. But he never referred to the new phone using the Surface or Surface Phone brand. However, the specificity of his comments appear to confirm that Microsoft is working on a new top-end handset seperate from the usual Lumia design.

With the hint of Capossela during the interview about Microsoft might be working on a ‘Surface’ branded smartphone, but also asked for patience from interested users. Although we got nothing regardinmg the much-rumoured Surface Phone, a recent report suggests the handset in question will launch in the second-half of 2016. Siad to be powered by an Intel processor that is more powerful than recent Qualcomm offerings.

On the software front, Capossela acknowledged the lack of some mainstream and specialized apps, and the need to attract younger consumers to Windows Mobile, conceding that Snapchat, for instance, is key to this effort. He said getting a large install base is very critical for Microsoft, and that the company is hoping for the sort of adoption it saw with the Windows 10 upgrade for PCs and tablets.

The CMO further said that the company is still trying to push more and more users on Windows 10. This means that the “Get Windows 10” dialogue box will still appear on the computer screens of users. “We’re willing to put up with some level of discomfort if we feel like we’re getting more and more people to a safer, better operating system that’s frankly better for everyone in the ecosystem… it’s better for Intel, Dell, HP… our customers,” he said in the interview.

Ultimately, Microsoft wants consumers to view updating their PCs in the same way they accept the latest software on their mobile devices. He noted, for instance, that peopple are “comfortable” with updating their Xbox, iPhone and Android devices.

Well, Microsoft’s arch rival is Amazon when it comes to cloud-based solutions. He says that Google is far behind in the race and will obviously need to work hard to pivot from an ad-based revenue system, to being an enterprise cloud business. And Microsoft Azure now solidly in second.

For now this iw what we can expect and who knows about the future, it may be Microsoft coming up with a revolutionary device or Surface phone. Stay tuned to grab more information on a “breakthrough” Windows 10 powered phone.


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