Microsoft Is Building A New Game Streaming Service For Xbox One, Windows, Phones: Confirms Work On “Scarlet” Next-Gen Console

Microsoft already allows in-home game streaming with its Xbox One console and the Xbox app on the Windows PC, which now seems to be expanding to mobile phones and non-Xbox devices. The streaming service is a natural extension of that game streaming experience, which is not hard to imagine that the service will be linked to Xbox Game Pass too.

Phil Spencer, Cheif of Microsoft’s Gaming division, has confirmed that the company is working on its own cloud-based games streaming service, which will be device agnostic. He has used the annual E3 conference to announce that this particular project.

The project which the Microsoft Gaming team discussed isn’t exactly one of the best-kept secrets in modern times, with plenty of rumors existing for a while now about Microsoft’s desire to offer this type of service.

Spencer also gave clarification about the fact that the company is working on a new iteration of the Xbox console but this shouldn’t come as a big surprise. As we have been told that the codename for the next series of devices is currently named ‘Scarlet’ but we don’t exactly know a release timeline at this time.

It has not only been confirmed on the global stage but we’ve also learned a few more details about what Microsoft has in store for the service. According to Spencer, the streaming service will work on both console-level gaming on “any device,” meaning that it will work across “Xbox, PCs, or phones.

The possibility of all gaming coming from a cloud-based streaming service allowing us to consume and interact with video games in the same way that we now do with music and movies. It’s also recently been speculated that the next-generation Xbox gaming consoles could be the last due. It looks as though Microsoft wants to be at the forefront of this fleet and will try to achieve what other companies – including Sony – have tried their best and kind of failed to do successfully.

Seeing a streaming is going to be a focus now, the company’s mixed reality headsets are evolving to have more features and applications, and the company’s ability to have one game run on multiple platforms, it’s not too hard to imagine what the company may include in the next iteration of the console hardware.

In fact, the OnLive purchase resulted in the company simply being shut down. Also, Sony’s acquisition of Gaikai has proved relatively successful but only as part of its PlayStation Now offering.

In this situation, several other companies have failed, Microsoft is finally looking to get the platform agnostic gaming streaming service expand and running to make it a viable service for global gamers. As said we have got no official timeframe on this release yet but, now that’s it’s official. We can expect Microsoft to provide additional details and provide timely updates on its process.

Update: It is said the company is deeply involved in the progression of creating the next-generation Xbox console, as the internal engineers are “deep into architecting” that hardware as well as working hard on the futuristic artificial intelligence in gaming to try out and create more immersive and ultra-realistic games.

Microsoft has put a considerable amount of effort into making the Xbox brand exciting and the future looks promising for those invested in the ecosystem. As soon as we get anything new to learn on all of these announcements, we’ll let you know. For now, it seems that Microsoft has tipped its hat and is going bigger than ever. Over to you, Sony!

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