Microsoft Lumia 840 Alleged To Replace Nokia Lumia 830, Expected To Launch Soon

Microsoft has although been hard at work in recent months generated some entry-level and lower mid-rangers with a plethora of devices. From March, the Redmond-based software maker unveiled some of its Microsoft Lumia brand handsets such as the Lumia 640 / Lumia 640 XL, followed by the modest Lumia 430 and later the Lumia 540 Dual SIM. Recently, it also rumored to have yet another set of Microsoft Lumia handsets which are purely powered by Windows 10 for phones, purported Lumia 940 and 940 XL. But a new report apparently claims that a successor to the Nokia Lumia 830 is in the works and we will be seeing it sooner than later. Details on this news can be grabbed right after this fold.

Successor, which the source states that the Lumia 840 will arrive in the coming months, but won’t ship with Windows 10 and will only run Windows Phone 8.1 GDR2 instead. As oft-mentioned, the new Windows 10 OS version will possibly be reserved for the flagship Lumia 940, at least for the time being.

Rumored specs on the Lumia 840 is said to come with a 5-inch display like its predecessor 830, but will carry better inclusions in other areas. Both cameras will see a bump and the new model will pack a 13-14MP PureView-branded primary sensor and a 5MP selfie-centric unit. With a more powerful chipset – also found in the future smartphone, and indeed come with a dual-SIM support.

According to this source, “While it is not sure what the name may be, we may call it Lumia 840 for our convenience.”

So, we have some info about one such mid-ranger in works, that may pack Dual-Sim support, 13-14 MP rear camera (PureView), 5 MP FFC, better processor and may sport similar or slightly modified design to Lumia 830. While it is not sure what the name may be, we may call it Lumia 840 for our convenience. This device may have a screen size around 5-inch.”-Anonymous Microsoft employee

It also said that in countries like India, Nokia Lumia 830 stock will not be replenished once the phones are sold in the store. Microsoft discontinues it silently from the Indian market, once the Lumia 840 launch becomes imminent. With the stage already half-set, we can only expect to see the new hardware sometime soon.


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