Microsoft’s Modern Keyboard Has A ‘Hidden’ Fingerprint Reader Feature, Costs $129

Microsoft in recent times has announced plenty of new products related to Xbox One X gaming console, desktop operating system, Windows 10 and others, but the Redmond-based company apparently couldn’t sit still for very long before unveiling something else. Here are the details on what it has introduced the world with.

Microsoft Modern Keyboard with Fingerprint ID

Microsoft has quietly revealed a new “Modern Keyboard” with an integrated fingerprint scanner. Of course, the new Modern Keyboard is the successor to the Surface Keyboard, and looks pretty identical to. The only changes made are new fingerprint reader and the ability to use a cable for a wired connection instead of wireless.

Although the Microsoft Modern Keyboard with fingerprint ID’s aluminum frame makes it not only of the highest quality, but heavy and virtually indestructible. It matches the same Surface-inspired aesthetic you’ll see across the lineup these days. There are a few key changes in place from its predecessor, though, includes the ability to use a cable to connect directly to your computer if you choose not to go wireless.

The biggest addition here is Microsoft has integrated the fingerprint reader into the second Windows key (hidden) on the right-hand side of the keyboard, and it can be used to log into Windows 10 or websites using Windows Hello. It actually a dedicated key on the keyboard now, which can be used to quickly log. The Modern Keyboard works pretty well for Windows 10, and it also works with macOS and even with the latest versions of Google’s Android operating system.

It is priced at $129.99, the Modern Keyboard will be available shortly from Microsoft Stores itself. It’s a surprisingly quick release schedule after Microsoft only debuted the Surface Keyboard for $99 recently. 129 US dollars is a lot to pay for a keyboard, but nevertheless, is one of the best desktop keyboards on the market at the moment that comes with a fingerprint authentication and if you like laptop-like key travel, though. It’s worth to check out.

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