Microsoft Pushing An OTA To Enable 4G LTE On Select Lumia Device In India

The Redmond-based software maker is reportedly focusing on Indian mobile market which has been growing at amazing speeds, but apparently on 4G LTE networks, which in India are still in their infancy, yet, their growing spread and popularity has prompted Microsoft to push a new update, enabling 4G on select smartphones in India. Lumia devices obviously.


It’s said that new 4G-enabling software update rolling out to select Microsoft Lumia handsets in India, which makes 4G services operational on multiple Lumia smartphones in the country, where 4G LTE networks are still not as popular.

The OTA simply enabled 4G on a software level, which was hidden on a lot of units, intended for the local market, despite having the required LTE modem. No official list of compatible devices has been revealed yet, but many users reports have been confirming support for a few models.

Following Lumia smartphones are eligible for the new update which as of now supports only the FDD-LTE (1,800 MHz) band:

Microsoft Lumia 625, Microsoft Lumia 830, Microsoft Lumia 920, Microsoft Lumia 925, Microsoft Lumia 940, Microsoft Lumia 1320 and Microsoft Lumia 1520.

If you are in India and received an OTA in the past few days, then be sure to check under network settings and clarify whether you’ve received the new 4G and 4G only options on your Lumia devices.

Users of these devices can navigate to Settings and verify whether 4G connectivity is enabled by their wireless service providers. Owners of Microsoft Lumia 1020 and Microsoft Lumia 735 can also check their device for the newer OTA notification representing the 4G-enabling software update as well on the new 640 and 640 XL

Outside India may have already received the 4G LTE support, in India there is a drawback as the upgrade supportsĀ  FDD-LTE Band 3 rather than TDD-LTE Band 40, because of hardware limitations.


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