Microsoft Releases Android App – Download AppComparison On Google Play Right Now

What is Microsoft’s new AppComparison app for Android? It’s an application that compares a user’s Android app and highlights similar applications available on Windows Phone. Google Play is now listing this new app from Microsoft on its Android Store.

If you are opting your Android device to Windows Phone, then the new release of AppComparison from Microsoft identifies your favorite app and matches them with apps available from the Microsoft Store. Also introduces you to some of the most popular Windows Phone apps on the go.

Admit that Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile doesn’t have as many apps as Android and iOS. AppComparison is one of the Microsoft’s release help set the record straight. The app tries to match the Android apps on your phone with their mobile Windows counterparts, either giving you an exact parallel or the next best thing around.

Similar to the 2013’s Microsoft “Switch to Windows Phone” app to scan your apps and find alternatives on Windows Phone. If it doesn’t actually show you the matches, it is simply connected to a Windows Phone to download the apps. Switch to WP was eventually repurposed as a data migration tool, and now we have AppCompare, which does show you which apps are available on Windows Phone.

It’s good at finding some third-party software (such as Dropbox and Spotify). On my device, there were 20 matches for the usual stuff like Twitter and PayPal. Though it also offered some reasonable alternatives like Here Maps (Google Maps) and OneDrive (Drive), but it’s evident that the company is reaching when it comes to apps from Google, Windows’ best-known holdout.

AppComparison didn’t however find a Windows match for Sonos’ controller app, even though Phonos has been around for years. I’m not sure what CloudMuzik is, but it doesn’t look like a close match to Google Play Music. The tool should still be useful, but you’ll want to double-check its findings before kicking your Android phone to the curb.


Get AppComparison on Google Play from here.

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