Microsoft Surface Go Specs, Price, Software Compared To 9.7-Inch iPad (6th Gen)

Microsoft has officially announced its budget-friendly $399 Surface Go hardware to take on the 9.7-inch iPad (6th-Generation). Both laptops and tablets are becoming increasingly popular among students in the United States which is why Microsoft and Apple both are competing with each other in this market.

While Microsoft’s Surface line have generally catered to the higher end of the market, so with the launch of $399 Surface Go, the Redmond-based company is expanding its potential customer base and targetting young students and enterprise at the same time. The Surface Go is extremely slightly expensive ($399 vs $329 iPad) 6th-generation.

The software the 9.7 inch iPad runs a mobile iOS platform while the former Surface Go runs a full-fledged version of Windows 10 S. From a student on a budget perspective, both tablets sound like an attractive proposition.

Reportedly, many of the students in the United States prefer to buy the iPad simply because of the way Apple has been aggressively pushing its devices among students, particularly.

How does Microsoft’s $399 Surface Go vs $329 6th gen iPad be compared? Let us find out in our comparison chart below.

Microsoft Surface Go vs iPad 6th Gen Specs Comparison

Intel’s Dual Core vs Apple’s A10 Chip

Officially, the $399 Surface Go teases the iPad 6th generation tablet, but the important thing to note here is that the performance of its dual-core processor is still not known. With a 4.5W TDP, it is unlikely that the Intel chip inside the Surface Go hardware is good enough to run Windows 10 S with a large list of apps and games pretty smoothly.

When compared, Apple’s A10 chip inside the sixth-generation iPad has exceptional performance, and with iOS 11 installed being considerably light on resources analyzed to Windows 10 S, Apple’s offering clearly has an advantage.

However, if you still willing to spend the cash, they can upgrade the Surface Go and buy a higher variant with more RAM memory and storage space that should help improve its performance to a great measure. Unfortunately, there’s is no expansion option available on the iPad. Those who can buy a higher variant with more storage, Apple does not offer a variant of the 6th gen iPad with more RAM, only 2GB is fixed.

Windows 10 S vs iOS 11 Mobile Operating System

First and foremost, the biggest advantage of Surface Go is it runs on Windows 10 S. This version of Windows operating system is limited to installing apps from the Microsoft Store itself, one can upgrade to the full-fledged version of Windows 10 for free. When iOS 11 put in comparison on the iPad feels severely limited. It might have better apps for certain tasks but the overall OS feels greatly limited compared to Windows 10.

In terms of quality apps and of course, quantity, the iOS App Store is far ahead of the Microsoft Store. Many users might just be more comfortable using apps on the Surface Go since they are not limited by its iOS as is the case on the iPad.

One thing to note is that the 6th gen iPad comes with 2GB RAM, which is also a major issue as it heavily limits the multitasking capabilities of the tablet. And unlike the Surface Go, there’s no better option for potential iPad customers to upgrade the RAM on their device.

If you are one of those who likes to play casual games through, the 9.7-inch iPad (6th gen) makes a lot more sense since it has a higher quality of games available to download for it.

Keyboard and Stylus

In the comparison, you have to remember some points as both devices ” Surface Go vs 6th gen iPad” – do not ship with a keyboard in the retail box. You will have to shell out extra for the keyboard as well as Apple Pencil/Surface Pen accessories. Since the 6th generation iPad does lack a Smart Connector, it is not compatible with Apple’s official Smart Keyboard. Although Logitech does offer a smart keyboard accessory for the 6th gen iPad at a price for $99.99. As for the Apple Pencil, it costs $99. Microsoft’s Surface keyboard also starts from $99 a piece, with the Surface Pen also available at the same price.

Comparison / Pricing

The 6th gen iPad is priced at $329, while the base model of the Surface Go starts from $399. The basic model of the iPad comes with 32GB storage which is unsufficient these days. This means that most consumers will end up buying the 128GB version of the 9.7-inch iPad – priced at $429. Makes sense for most customers the $399 Surface Go is going to be cheaper than buying the $429 iPad.

Other considerations are also placed, as things change. If one decide to buy the LTE version of the tablets, the 6th gen iPad with LTE connectivity can be had for $459, the same is not true for the Surface Go. Microsoft as not released the LTE variant of the Surface Go as yet, but stated to debut later in the year. Whenever it does go on sale through, We’d expect it to cost upwards of $500 which makes it pretty expensive.


Here’s our best and looking on your shift. Which one do you prefer, either 9.7-inch iPad or the Surface Go?

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