Microsoft Translator Gets Offline And Photo-based Features

Said is said but the features Microsoft Translator brings with it and you get updated with depends on your mobile OS. Rolled out a pair of super-useful updates on Thursday to its Translator app.

For Android owners, Microsoft Translator now operates offline, the feature you get reportedly depends on which platform you use. With an accuracy that rivals online translations thanks to its “world’s first” deep neural network-powered engine. Same ones that powers Skype’s auto-translate function. The new functionality should help users travelling abroad but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on roaming data. To get full compability, however, you will have to download free translating packs before your trip.

Microsoft-TranslatorUnfortunately, there are only nine translating packs currently available to boot including simplified Chinese, Russian, Italian and Spanish, but Microsoft reportedly working on expanding that lineup. Google’s free online translating tool has today added 13 more languages to its Translaor app/service.

iOS users, on the other hand, now have access to Microsoft’s Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engine, same app version used for Translator on Windows Phone since 2010. This enables the Translator app to translate writtent words, like street signs or restaurant menus, directly from photos in the hardware’s camera roll. Current supported 21 new languages including both simplified and traditional Chinese, Hungarian, Russian and Turkish. The system supports all 50-some-odd languages for voice and input text.

Microsoft finally says the new features on Translator will be available on both platforms “soon”. All three (Android, iOS and Windows) will have support for offline and image recognition capabilities. What’s next?

Visit Microsoft Translator Blog from here to learn more.

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