Microsoft Unveils Windows 10 Editions Available For Free Soon, Here Are The Details

Only time left to reveal the exact launch date on Which Microsoft Windows 10 will be available to public. Download links aren’t live as yet, but for now we only have a summer release timeframe. Finally, Microsoft is taking things up a notch today by revealing all the different editions of Windows 10 – 7 in total – that will be go live at launch for compatible hardware.


Windows 10 in question has always been teased as an OS meant to power a broad range of devices including PCs, tablets, mobile phones and much more, as Microsoft aims to deploy Windows 10 as an evolving service. Integrated with a new alternative to the Internet Explorer, collaborated with smartphone manufacturers to employ Windows 10 on handsets not baesed on Lumia or Windows Phone, initiated with the best voice assistant and all in all want to introduce it as a free download running Windows 8 onboard.Here are those Windows 10 editions that Microsoft has announced, as the company continues to finalize the OS.

Ultimate Editions


Windows 10 Home

Offering a familiar experience for PCs and tablets, this build of Windows 10 will be available on most of the consumer-focused devices. Gets with it Cortana, the new Microsoft Edge browser, Continuum tablet mode, Windows Hello face-recognition will also be available in the edition.

Windows 10 Pro

Mixed up with all the features found in the Home edition, the Windows 10 Pro variant will carry business specific extras such as connecting to domains, extra security, and most importantly, will take advantage of Windows Update for Business.

Windows 10 Enterprise

Building on the Pro edition, Enerprise carries support for medium to large sized corporations, by introducing some very best functions including advanced support for operating system deployment on a larger scale and better data and app management. Enterprise customers will also have complete access to the Long Term Servicing Branch.

Windows 10 Education

In addition to sporting all the functions of Enerprise, Education edition adds features designed to meet the needs of schools and collages. According to Microsoft: “This edition will be available through academic Volume Licensing.

Windows 10 Mobile

Windows Phone now becomes Windows 10 Mobile, as Microsoft changes the name of its mobile OS. This edition will be deployed on small tablets and mobile devices, and will be bundled with “new universal Windows apps that are included in Windows 10 Home, as well as the new touch-optimized version of Office.” Minimal new devices will also be able to take advantage of Continuum for Phones.

Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise

Parallel to Windows 10 Mobile, the Mobile Enterprise edition is specially designed with business customers in mind on smartphones and tablets. Microsoft says that this particular release will be available to their Volume Licensing customers.

Windows 10 IoT Core

This iteration is meant for smaller devices like gateways. A version of Windows IoT Core Insider Preview was just recently tested running on the Respberry Pi 2.


Microsoft revealed it already that its looking to upgrade non-licensed Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 users for free. Currently, the software giant is now saying that: “we are offering the full versions of Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Mobile and Windows 10 Pro as a free and easy upgrade for qualifying Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 devices that upgrade in the first year after launch.” Test it or try it once released!

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