Microsoft Visual Studio Code Download For Windows, OS X, Linux Released

Microsoft is expected to reveal Windows 10 details at Build 2015 event, which runs from April 29 to May 1st at Moscone Convention Center. As part of its has released Visual Studio Code for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, which is now available to download. Details on the new release and where to boot it from can be found here.

The Software maker has used its BUILD conference to unleash Microsoft Visual Studio Code, a lightweight code editor that allows developers to build cross-platform apps on Windows, Linux and OS X. By the way that traditional programming languages work is that an app built for one platform by and large, not work on another. For instance, if you have a service that you want to run on Windows, Mac and Ubuntu Linux, you must program different apps to suit the platform in question. This time-consuming business is one of the big reasons why many apps are only available one one or two platforms, since a developer doesn’t often have the time and a or resources to cater to other audiences, but with Visual Studio Code, Microsoft is pretty much looking to make that situation more simple.

Visual Studio Code allows a developer to create Web and cloud-based apps that will run on each of the oft-mentioned platforms, and while majority of apps are still in preview, anybody looking to test drive it out can do so by checking the link provided at the foot of this article.

The full version of Visual Studio remains limited to Windows, but today’s unveil is a major statement of intent, and in disparaging the process of creating apps for larger audience, programmers are apparent to jump on this.

Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code nevertheless supports multiple languages, and offers a myriad of tools useful for the smooth development of cross-platform apps including syntax highlighting and snippets altogether. Lat year when Microsoft announced .NET Core as an open source and launching cross-platform, and now with the introduction of Visual Studio Code makes yet another tick in the company’s attempt to draft in developers while unifying the application in general.

On Windows, Mac or Linux, you can now use Visual Studio Code to create apps in .NET along with most other languages, and getting satrted is pretty simple. Point your browser to, pick your platform, and you’ll be fair to get go.

Although, its completely free, and if you do give it a whirl, we’d love to hear it from you via comment sections below.

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