Microsoft Reportedly To Finalize Windows 10 This Week, After Releasing RTM To Insiders

Final stage of Microsoft Windows version of new operating system is in front and before that we and Windows Insiders will be receiving a last manufactureing build, which is ready to ship out later this week, according to sources.


The public launch date for Windows 10 however is scheduled on July 29th. Ahead of its official release later this month, Microsoft is planning to finalize Windows 10 this week. Said that the Redmond-based software company currently working on final copies of Windows 10, with a release to manufacturing (RTM) build expected later this week.

RTM candidate builds have already been spotted online, and once the RTM build is ready, Microsoft will seed the final copy of Windows 10 to its PC partners ahead of release to the public on 29th of July. The RTM process has been a significant milestone for previous releases of Windows, like more of a minor version of Windows 10.

Microsoft is moving its latest operating system to a “Windows 10 as a service” model that means the OS is regularly updated. So we’ll start to see future Windows 10 updates roll out regularly in the coming months, which includes extensions support for Microsoft Edge browser and many app updates for the built-in Windows 10 applications.

The company has released three separate versions of Windows 10 last week (build 10158, 10159, and 10162) and each contained minor improvements. Microsoft has been squashing hundreds of bugs in the OS in just a week. Driver problems and other software bugs still remain on some systems, but the RTM milestone won’t mean these stay a problem for long.

Once Microsoft has finlaized Windows 10 this week the company will indeed continue to work on bug fixes ready for the July 29th release date timeframe. Where Windows 10 testers will get the first copy of the final stock version, and later, the company will be rolling out to the public in waves starting from July 29th.

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