Free Windows 10 Download Has Begun On Reserved PCs

Microsoft is planning to release Windows 10 operating system update on Wednesday at midnight, and in an effort to try and avoid those extremely annoying launch day server struggles Microsoft has started pre-downloading the required components for Windows 10 on reserved machines globally. Latest upgrade to its Windows platform, due to be made officially available to the world on July 29th. Microsoft is fulfilling its promise that it will automatically pre-download the OS ready for installation starting 29th of July 2015.

Those users who took the advantage of Microsoft’s offer and reserved their free upgrade have noticed that Windows Update has already began pre-downloading all of the required bits to make the installation of Windows 10 as seamless as possible come launch day for those Windows 7 and 8.1 users who are eligible for the free upgrade. Individuals within the United States territory have already received the full download of the Windows 10 bootable files in anticipatin for the huge day of the year for Microsoft.

While the Get Windows X (GWX) folder within the file structure reportedly starting to fill up with files relating to Windows 10. Microsoft although promised that this would be the case a number of months ago so it shouldn’t really be a big surprise. On the other hand, some even reported that they actually have the full Microsoft Electronic Software Download .ESD file that is required to begin a full installation of Windows 10.

Of course Windows 10 is potentially on target to be Microsoft’s biggest and most anticipated launch to date. The new OS is undoubtedly more than just a rename of the operating system and offers up a whole new set of features such as band new Start Menu as well as integrated Cortana voice assistant (used on OS X with Parellels 11), Continuum, a newly integrated Action Center, a revamp to Windows Explorer and the brand new Microsoft Edge web browser.

Windows 10 is truely Microsoft’s first attempt at building a unique cross-device operating system that will eventually power desktops, mobile devices, tablets, virtual reality headsets and even games consoles. The future of Windows is here, it’s starting to pre-download now.

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