Windows 10 Creators Update Full 3D Features And Release Date Announced

Microsoft has today made Windows 10 Creators Update official, its all new 3D features and announced the release date as well. The Windows 10 Creators Update is also called the Redstone 2, is the next major release of Windows 10, and a successor to last major update, the Anniversary Update, which arrived back in August this year.

Get ready for features like “HoloTours” and a 3D version of Paint next spring. As Microsoft took the wraps off Creators Update during its event in New York City. Those who are on Windows Insider program, as well as developers, will be able to play with the new update and all it brings with it sooner than the release time frame set for public, however.


As its name suggests, you can scan objects from the real world and bring them into a 3D environment. Here is everything you need to know.


At the event, what Microsoft sees as the three big components coming to Windows 10’s huge user base with Creators Update. The update, according to Terry Myerson, executive vice president for Microsoft’s Windows and Device Group, features 3D and mixed reality, 4K gaming along with in-game broadcasting, and improved, more speedy ways to share and connect with friends and family.

If you really want to make 3D creation for everyone, then it has to be very easy as taking a photo. The new updated app lets you scan real objects and get them into Paint as a full 3D object by means. Once created an object or scene, you can even convert it to a format that can easily be 3D printed.

HoloLens is one of another Microsoft is showing to anyone who will pay attention right now, and today’s event was no different. The big theme appears to be that “3D is for everyone,” and Windows 10 will seek to build on that mantra with new feature additions such as Paint 3D and the like. Support for 3D headsets, improved gaming experiences and even Edge will support VR experiences.

Find the way, there’s also a new Community pane that allows you find and pull in creations from other users. Saunders pulled in a 3D cloud from Community and used it in montage featuring her daughters. She was able to then transform that into a complete 3D object, and obviously share the whole thing on Facebook. These creations can be viewed in 360-degrees from Microsoft’s HoloLens AR headset and this is Microsoft, they can even use it in PowerPoint after all.

About HoloLens, Microsoft has showed off a new app called HoloTour, an application that lets you explore and interact with places and cities around the world. It works with regular Virtual Reality headsets. With that said, Microsoft also revealed that VR headsets based on HoloLens will be coming from Dell, HP, Lenovo and other third-party manufacturers.

For gamers, there’s a new Twitch-like feature for Windows 10. Launched by Microsoft, which lets you broadcast your Xbox games just by hitting the Windows button and hitting “G” to broadcast. Xbox Live will automatically let your friends know you’re streaming, and authentically allow them to comment in real time. It seems like Microsoft is using technology from Beam, which the Redmond-based giant acquired in August, so that’s a very quick turnaround time.

By that way it looks like Microsoft also has big plans to make Windows 10 apps more social-centric. The Windows sharing charm now points to your closest connections first, making it pretty easier to share things like the aforementioned 3D cloud montage more perfectly.

Highlight features of Windows 10 Creators Update includes:


  • All new Paint 3D app
  • 3D support in Edge, PowerPoint and other Microsoft¬†apps
  • Ability to create your own emojis
  • Native VR support in Windows 10 (VR headsets for Windows 10 coming from OEM partners starting at $299)
  • 4K gaming
  • Dobly Atmos support
  • Beam streaming for games
  • Ability to pin favorite¬†people/contacts to Windows Taskbar

and more.

Release Date

The Creator’s Update is coming in spring of 2017, those participating in the Windows Insider program will be able to try it as early as next week. Officially, Microsoft will release Windows 10 Creators Update for free to all existing Windows 10 users in Spring 2017.

To learn more about Creator Update’s new capabilities we have to wait for sometime now. Interesting times are ahead for Windows 10 and Microsoft’s newfound love of updates!

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