Microsoft’s OneNote Gets 3D Touch Support, Adds Floating Icon To Android And More [Download]

Microsoft really wants you to use OneNote on Android and iOS and for that it has added a new button that hovers your screen and is a lot like FaceBook Chat Heads. Button, called OneNote badge, that directly moves into Android features, and can also be transformed anywhere on the frame of your screen, later tapped to jump you into fast note-taking and note-saving in OneNote. For iOS, OneNote app brings with it all-new features, and support for 3D Touch. Details on all the new features that OneNote update gets can be grabbed after this fold.

For iOS, Android, Windows and Web Gets audio recording, video embedding, 3D touch support, floating OneNote icon etc.
First off, we’ll be speaking about the OneNote Android badge. It works as a shortcut to take pictures that you might want to save in OneNote app. You can also save photos with whatever camera app you usually use and then save the pictures to the app. Now that Microsoft has pushed an update to OneNote iOS app to make the features more accessible. As oft-mentioned, it supports 3D Touch on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. Touching and holding the OneNote app icon will give you extra functionality, like creating a new note, adding a new photograph or viewing recent notes.

OneNote is updated to play nicely with the Apple’s 12.9-inch iPad Pro and its larger-screen. In addition, these new features to OneNote is part of a continuing trend by Microsoft to make its note-taking app more of a universal record keeping tool.

The Microsoft’s OneNote app for iOS and Web also updated with audio recording capabilities. The app can now record audio for web, iPhone, and iPad, and you can add file attachments to OneNote Online. For that you have to click insert and then Record Audio and click stop after recording, and can play the file by selecting it and then clicking the Play icon. The software maker also says this is the first attempt of audio recording on iOS and there are plenty of additional features added to the playlist.

On iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, OneNote supports Force Touch and will allow user quickly create a new note or pop into Recent Notes. So that you can create or add any file to a page using file attachment by simply clicking Insert, File Attachment and later selecting the file you desire to add to the page.

Finally, you can embed video using the desktop as long as you’re using Windows desktop OneNote app from sources such as YouTube and Vimeo with a new video button. Reminder of OneNote badge for Android, which can float on your screen and you can easily browse the web and write down your quick thoughts or copy/paste without having to move between apps. Launch the badge by pulling down the notification tray and tapping the OneNote badge notification. Saved to your Quick Notes section by default. Users will be able to select the notebook and section of their choice when need to be content shared using Add to OneNote. Soon after you share with OneNote, the badge will have a small lightning icon reflecting.


(Download: Get OneNote for iOS, Android And Windows)

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