Top 5 Smartphone Manufacturers Looking At The First Half Of 2016 Launch Date

Last month of 2015 calendar year and the attention is inevitably turning to 2016 and what it will bring to the world of tele-technology. Smartphones, one of major pieces of technology almost all of us carry, is a market that never stands still for longer than a few months at a time and as a result, there will be plkenty of new devices for us to get excited about.

Upcoming year is going to witness five new smartphones which you may want to keep an eye out for the first half of the era. In 2016, there will be countless more released, of that there is no denying and doubt, but these are the ones that have our attention right now.

Samsung Galaxy S7 And S7 Edge

Newest flagship from Samsung will have big rivals to battle on its hands, with the once hugely popular brand now finding itself under a little pressure not just from Apple, but cheaper and entry-level manufacturers that are looking forward to grab the market with some exceptional devices. Samsung will however need to bring something new to the table, and not only by bringing its own pressure sensitive technology like Apple’s 3D Touch to the next Galaxy S handset. Should consider that anything iPhone 6s can do, the new Galaxy S7 will do, too, plus a microSD card slot, it seems, with almost same design as Galaxy S6 or beyond that.

No doubt that Samsung has the ability to offer essentially the same handset as the S7 but with its now-familiar Edge design – curved edges to the screen on which to show additional information – will likely allow those who like curved screens to jump onto Samsung’s bandwagon of latest flagship device. Faster key features than this year’s model will see the Edge as popular as ever, at least amongst those that are willing to pay the premium for that screen.

Both the Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge will be announced at or around MWC 2016 keynote.

Apple iPhone 6c And iPhone 7

If rumores come true, then Apple will announce an all-new 4-inch device early next year, with the smaller iPhone using a mix of iPhone 6 and 6s innards, complete with an A9 chip, NFC for Apple Payt support. That ‘C‘ stands for color, so expect to see multiple colors on offer, but this time be wrapped in a metal body instead of plastic.

Followed by the speculations already suggesting that there will be another new iPhone unveild in 2016, coming with “7” number – with upgraded specs, waterproof, colouful metal chassis and more. Both the smaller iPhne 6c and the bigger iPhone 7 would show their faces in the first or second half of next year.

HTC One M10

The Taiwan-based company, HTC is somewhat struggling to stay in a competition that has Samsung and Apple at the top but with more than a few smaller fish swimming around beneath. Th One M9 was popular amongst those that bought one, but the HTC One M10 will need to find broader appeal next year. A design aesthetic that is similar to the A9 is a possibility, meaning we can expect people to complain about the One M10 looking too much like an iPhone 6 in 2016. Better?


With all-metal chassis. Rumored as well as coming equipped an Iris scanner and an Apple Pay-like initiative called LG “G Pay” that would perhaps allow users of the phone to buy things in shops that support it, the LG G5 could be a big player next year, in 2016. Expect to see the LG G5 announced at Mobile World Congress 2016, get more details available closes to that time frame.

Xiaomi Mi5

The Chinese smartphone maker has been sitting in the top 10 mobile manufacturers list this year and was in third-place when competing with the big iconic brands like Samsung, Apple, LG, HTC, Sony etc. Has now plans for its next-new falgship which was speculated and tipped numerous times into the wordlwide Web. The Xiaomi Mi5 launch also expected in 2016, once Qualcomm gives a signal of the Snapdragon 820 SoC roll out and purported to equip Apple’s 3D Touch display, bezel-less display.

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