All Galaxy S7 Predictions Rendered In One Place – ClearForce Display, SD820, 20MP Camera And More

Speaking about seven inclusions of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7, which is so close we can almost grab it with your bare hands. Expected though, Samsung could introduce the S7 in February, likely during the MWC 2016 where it has unveiled all of its Galaxy S devices. Now that the 2016 Galaxy S7 flagship hands-on, been a subject of many rumors and we figured out and compiled a bunch of those into a single list, full of predictions for the Galaxy S7. Details can be checked out below.


What to expect from the Galaxy S7 ?

First and foremost speaking about its display, which is said to be coming with a ClearForce Display technology developed by Synaptics, will offer similar features of waht Apple’s 3D Touch tech garnered, and Samsung is likely to use it.

1. ClearTouch

New technology may bring with it new options for scrolling, panning and zooming, editing photos and other useful concepts that can be enabled with an additional level of pressure sensitive touches. If that is the case, then Galaxy S7 with ClearDisplay would benefit additional controls and just hope to see the new tech be implemented. Or else, we can still predict only expect a 2560×1440 pixels AMOLED 2K screen.

Galaxy S7 Release Date Leaked By Major Carrier

2. Snapdragon 820 or Exynos 8890 Chipsets

Samsung although shipped the 2015 Galaxy S6 flagships with Exynos processors, ditching Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 because of overheating issues, or otherwise any sort of reasons. Apparently the change in 2016’s Galaxy S7 could sort things out, as Samsung returns to offering both Exynos and Snapdragon versions of its hardware.


Rumors already there points at deployments of models integrated with Snapdragon 820 in markets like the United States, while others will employ the SK’s in-house Exynos 8890 CPUs. Expect both to offer large performance increases over last year’s Exynbos 7420 SoC.

3. Two Galaxy S7 models

It s admitted that Samsung will launch at least two Galaxy S7 smartphones, including 5.2-inch screen option with a flat display and a larger 5.5-inch Galaxy S7 Edge with a curved screen. However, the most recent speculation came from a case maker leak, suggesting that Samsung may in fact have four models prepared, such as Galaxy S7, a Galaxy S7 Edge, the Galaxy S7 Plus and finally the Galaxy S7 Edge+. The two larger devices are said to pack a 6-inch QHD displays, which ultimately have a choice between three different screen sizes.


A leaked Benchmark score also suggests taht these models ship either with a 3GB of RAM or 4GB of memory, depending on the markets.

4. Camera Setup

It was November, where Samsung unveiled its new BRITECELL camera technology that we expect some form of that to make its way to the Galaxy S7, offering improved low-light performance. Right now, we are expecting a 20MP camera with RAW support and an 8-Megapixel ISOCELL front-facing camera sensor for better selfies. Another rumor also claims Samsung may go with a “Duo Pixel” camera, perhaps offering two different lenses, similar to what the HTC OEM offering with UltraPixel. A patent by Samsung pointed to modular camera pieces, too, though there hasn’t been overwhelming evidence that we will see that in the new Galaxy S7 just yet.


5. Design Similarity

Yes, both the Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are beautiful phones and we can only expect that Samsung will largely keep the design language intact. Expect more shiny metal and reflective surfaces, an similar button layouts to last year’s model. Like how Apple sticks to the same design for two years while upgrading internals and softawre, and it seems to work perfectly. With the design, Samsung can attract its customers in a different way, particularly with all of the other items on his list, none of which would require drastic changes to the concept.



6. microSD card Support

The only reason which dropped many from purchasing Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge, or Edge+ would be the reason they won’t hold SD Card slots. Rumors are suggesting that Samsung will surely add a microSD card support to the Galaxy S7 and hope it happens. But it requires a small tweak to the design, which we covered above, and there’s plenty of room space for a SD card tray.


Now that Android 6.0 Marshmallow allows you to format memory SD card as internal storage, consumers could save a lot of money and buy the entry-level 32GB Galaxy S7 and then pop in a microSD card to expand the storage to their heart’s content to 200GB more.

7. USB Type-C Port

It was to happen pretty quickly as the industry is making a clear shift to USB-C and Samsung will possibly offer the new era. In fact, the standard which Samsung was one of the first smartphone OEMs to jump to USB 3.0 for the Galaxy S5 before it turned back to USB 2.0 with last year’s S6 gadget.

usb-cAbout USB-C, would help a lot with fast charging capabilities. Samsung is already exceptionally good at, while also enabling much speedier data transfer speeds. Benifits like reverisble head makes it much easier to plug it in when you can’t see the USB port at night.

These are 7 of Galaxy S7 predictions and there are many to digg. Stay tuned for updates at Think Different!

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