BlackBerry’s Bacteria-Free Smartphone Is Coming, Aimed At Hospitals

BlackBerry CEO confirms that they are open to bring Android phone if we can make a secure smartphone, aprt this the company is also said to be planning to bring a handset that is specially focsuing at Hospitals. Confused, not to be, because BlackBerry planning to release a bactiria-free smartphone which is pretty musch aimed for Clinics and Hospitals. Details and reports goes like this.

According to Bloomberg Business report, BlackBerry CEO John Chen said in an interview that they’re bidding to become the secure mobile fanfare for the health care industry with this product. Where it is pretty much tend to give health care workers one less thing to worry about cleaning. He also mentioned as a point that they aren’t developing the phone just yet but in the future, they will be conducting a pilot program with the help of doctors and nurses to learn more about its likelihood and know more on how to approach it.

As bacteria spreading between patients is a mjor disquiet and since phones are however has been known to be quite unhygenic, which will definitely help the effect. Medical related professionals and doctors of course supposed to clean their phones with an alcoholic solution before entering the patients cabin or room. With this solution of a bacteria-free phone could help them even better way.

The Canadian mobile manufacturer is partnering with ThoughtWire and Cisco Systems Inc. to provide nurses and doctors in a Mackenzie Richmond Hill Hospital unit with a portable messaging and alert system. And then BlackBerry will provide the software and devices, but unfortunately, we got no idea on how much it’s going to spend on the project. It is said hospital-acquired infections are one of the top reasons patients die in hospital.

Now that BlackBerry has switched its focus to high-security software as it has struggled to compete with Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. As a device manufacturer. With this in mind, the BlackBerry devices will be fully protected aka bacteria-free in the coming days on the smartphone market. We have to see how it goes with such concept.


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