Introducing Pixel, Phone By Google: Order Yours Today On October 4th


Expected to see the official launch of Google’s Nexus brand smartphone but in a different name, Pixel and Pixel XL, which is all set to release on October 4. Google’s new phone without Nexus branding. the Pixel, apparently got leaked by the Canadian phone company Bell, obviously by accident. Also when it posted a preorder page for the phone earlier. Currently, the phone company has taken down the webpage, but nevertheless, as you post anything online will go live forever, so the images remain. Here are the details.

Back in the past Amazon accidentally leaked the iPhone 7, or it did the same thing with its own new Echo Dot. Now Pixel phone by Google goes up for pre-order. Take a peek at the rest of the pictures at 9to5Google, a site working on considering it’s after 8pm and they are still blogging about Google. Pixel in black!

Jumping the gun with an order form which shows off a brand new, high quality render of the Google Pixel. That render doesn’t reveal too much new, but actually does give confirmation of a few things, such as the phone’s sensor placement and the buttons will be located, all on the right side just like the Nexus 6P.

Continuing with the leaks, shown in these new renders is another peek at the homescreen, furthermore confirming the new Pixel Launcher and all-circular icons, both of which were already outed. You can get another look at the new navigation buttons. Appears to be down at the time of this writing. A screenshot is available here and the only noteworthy about this page is the tagline, “Introducing Pixel, Phone by Google,” which further emphasizes the push Google is making on these self-branded products.

When compared to those published images by TELUS of the Pixel and Pixel XL earlier, do not differ much from those found today from Bell. But it is worh noting that the “Google Pill” has a slightly different appearance in these shots.


Everything will go live and fairly official on October 4th, where Google will be launching both the Pixel and Pixel XL at the keynote event alingside with the introduction of plethora of other hardware and possibly software as well. Stay tuned.

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