Cyanogen OS 13.1 Adds Microsoft Features To OnePlus One With MOD Support And More

Cyanogen Inc. has made available to download Cyanogen OS 13.1 update for the OnePlus One smartphone, now rolling out with MOD support. You’ll find an important update waiting on your OnePlus One device, if you haven’t installed it yet. Details here are fresh and the OS’s latest version is “MOD ready”, which means the manufacturer can tweak parts of the Android-based platform it couldn’t have done before. Lot more to dig and experience, so continue your reading.

In fact, version 13.1 of Cyanogen comes with the “mods” which Cyanogen introduced in February, although brings Microsoft features into various parts of the custom software. For instance, you can now make Skype calls straight from the device’s Phone app and use OneNote to take notes within the Email and Phone applications.


MOD basically means third-party app support that is built into the OS, allowing for faster access and control. With MOD support on OnePlua One smartphones, give you a way to make your handset uniquely yours. To enable a Mod on the lock screen, users have to go to Settings, tap on Lock Screen – Select Lock Screen Mods, and then tap on the mod of choice there.

Cyanogen OS 13.1 as oft-mentioned comes with more integrated apps from Microsoft including Skype integration and gets more control over Cortana. Skype will now be a part of the Phone app in Cyanogen OS 13.1 and above, and all of a user’s Skype call history, contacts are right in the sidebar. Plus users can start a Skype voice call, and then upgrade to a video call anytime with the tap of a button. Contacts of Skype are clearly marked and searchable in Phone contacts and users can also buy Skype Credit right from the dialer, make Skype to Skype calls for free.

If you’re in the US, Cortana for OnePlus One can take hands-free selfies if you tell it to. It can also set reminders and access your sched with voice commands without having to unlock your device. Microsoft, on the other hand took the chance to bring its Hyperlapse technology to the phone, as well, giving its camera app the ability to capture stable time-lapse videos. Users can ask Cortana to “take a selfie”, with a timer. Also there the Cortana Mod has been extended to the lock screen for easier access to the smartphone via the voice assistant, without unlocking the smartphone.

Users can search, set reminders, etc through the Cortana Mod from the Lock Screen itself, and this feature is limited to the US only.

Cyanogen OS 13.1 Mods are also extended into the email and phone with OneNote from Microsoft. In Email app, a user can easily save an important mail to OneNote for future reference. They can also take a note during a call right from the phone app via OneNote. Microsoft Hyperlapse mod for camera app is there already. Users can switch modes to Hyperlapse, and shoot their video and after shooting, set the speed and can also Hyperlapse existing videos on their phone.

You can watch a video of the new features below to get a better feel of how they work.

There’s the Twitter Mod feature which lets users see trending tweets, news on the site from the lock screen itself. First of all a user has to do is wake up their device, swipe left, and the full screen Twitter experience will start, without a user having to open the app separately.

How to activate Mods on Cyanogen OS 13.1


Learn more here at Cyanogen.

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