iPhone SE Copycat Lively Gone On Sale In China [Video]

Upcoming Apple’s March 21st Spring media event is radically said to focus heavily on the introduction of a new 4-inch device that brings iPhone’s smaller form-factor back to consumers. Want to get your hands on that yet-unannounced device, then you can simply do so by just hitting this link. You can pay a visit to the infamous Shenzhen Market in China live now and grab on a device that is being marketed as an “iPhone SE“; a cheap replica of the Chinese manufacturers interpretation of what Apple could unveil later this month.

First thing first and that is this Chinese “iPhone SE” actually do not match the speculated iPhone 5s-like visuals for the copycat that we are expecting to see in the flesh for the first time come March 21. It definitely lokk beautiful and the market does essentially selling a miniaturized iPhone 6s in a 4-inch package that contains an almost identical design to Apple’s current flagship. While the display is not curved around the edges, instead totally flat. Nevertheless, it’s likely that it can put off a lot of consumers out of it where it is not actually a functioning piece of kit yet and doesn’t even power on. That’s a fairly big caveat of purchase. Beware!


The creation of the little 4-inch replica proved to showcase just how quickly and radically manufacturers selling hardware at the Chinese market can jump into action to build a prototype replicas of any new product. No idea on whether or not this intention here will actually carry on with the development and get a functioning piece of kit working. Currently, it’s still rather impressive to see that a stunning 4-inch piece of hardware can be knocked up and shown off in what is ultimately a relatively short period of time.

Introduction of Apple’s 4-inch iPhone SE is expected next Monday that would contain the aesthetics of iPhone 5s but will feature the powerful internal components of the latest iPhone 6s. Analytics believe that iPhone SE sales could seriously increase during the course of 2016. What’s next?

You can check out the iPhone SE replica in this embedded video below.

(Source: Nick Beeep [YouTube])

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