Pepsi Is Reportedly Making An Affordable Android Phone

What ever reason there to make money from the smartphone market to be such whooping and profitable industry a cola company is also entering into the market with absolutely no prior to knowledge of bulding hardware of any kind. PepsiCo, according to a leaked set of information surfaced in China, the company behind the insanely popular Pepsi carbonated beverage, is now looking to introduce an all new Android-powered smartphone into the market. Evidently, Pepsi is making an Android device.

Called Pepsi P1. The news comes in after an alleged discovery of a listing on a Chinese website that details pertaining Android phone. Based on the revealed and speculated specifications, it may not actually prove to be a bad investment. If you happen to have an addition to PepsiCo’s sugary sweet soda drink, here’s another way to prove loyalty to the company, probably no btter way than to change your smartphone to whatever is finally announced.

The Pepsi P1, as per the leaks would ship with a 5.5-inch full-HD 1080p display, putting it into the phablet segment of devices. Consumers can expect to have a device that gains its power from a 1.7GHz MediaTek processor that is fully-packed with an acceptable 2GB of on-board RAM. It still got a 13-megapixel rear camera with a 5MP front-facing sensor. No words on whether or not the brand new hardware will come with a microSD card slot, but it will have included a 16GB of internal storage.

The affordable Android phones are nearly a dime a dozen in China, which is where the Pepsi Phone will be sold. Information also suggests that any Pepsi P1 device would come with Android Lollipop pre-installed and would retail for an extremely agreeable $205, which is well and truely the budget friendly handset perfectly fits in the entry-level lineup.

Regarding the Pepsi P1 Android smartphone, we go nothing on which hardware manufacturer the company has partnered with to produce the device. We even don’t know when the hardware will land in the Asian market, or it will ever be released beyond that region.

It appears Pepsi is working on a budget P1 Android device that actually looks relatively decent. Could Coca-Cola be next?

Update: PepsiCo Inc. has told Reuters that the phone is real, but that the company is just licensing its branding. Another company will manufacture the phone. The article has been updated to reflect this.

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