Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Exclusively Be IP68 Water Resistant, Features Iris Scanner [Rumor]

Samsung, is one of the most popular brand name in Android loving market which may have given what it needs with the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge smartphones, but the Korean electronics is unlikely to be satisfied with that offering for the remainder of 2016 flagship era. History repeats again, as Samsung never finishes off the year with the release of an upgraded version of its phablet range, the Galaxy Note during the third quarter, and this year should be no different. It may be a few months off even getting an official look at the Galaxy Note 6, but already started hearing speculation about the forthcoming improvments that Samsung is likely to bundle into the smartphone.

What exactly we receive today is some extreme information confirming the next Galaxy Note 2016 model will be very refreshed one. So far, we’ve heard that the upcoming Galaxy Note 6 will be coming with 6GB of RAM, a 5.8-inch tuchscreen (alleged with QHD resolution), a 12-megapixel rear camera, and 64/128GB of storage (may be 256GB). Now that another new piece of the puzzle is reportedly revealed. It is the fact speaking about the new one will get a dust tight and having a water resistant certification like S7.

According to various sources that are familiar with what Samsung thinking different is that it going to bring to the tablet in the coming months. This initial reports are purely focusing on a couple of key inclusions that should hopefully appeal to Note lovers. There’s a speculation in the first instance that Samsung’s sith-generation Note hardware will come with official IP68 certification, allowing Samsung to promote the device as water resistant and fully protected from the ingress of dust elements. For the currently available devices in the market, along with the waterproofing features of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, we would have expected any future Samsung devices to offer the same certification, so this isn’t really a miracle.


Things that get more realistic when you start to consider the potential of Samsung including an Iris scanner in the Note 6 as part of an effort to progress the level of biometric detection that devices currently offer. It is being thrown out that an “Iris Cam” has already been imported by Samsung to one of its huge research and development sites located in India, Zauba. However, it doesn’t explicitly state that it’s meant for the Note , but the document does read “parts for Samsung Mobile”, so at a minimum, this at least tells us about Samsung is testing this type of technology for potential smartphone integration. Whether it could be the Galaxy Note 6 with iris and IP68 water-dust resistant, or else another Galaxy range of A or E series lineup.

To conclude anything there’s no real deal left behind that this type of technology will be used in the Galaxy Note 6 later this year, may be in June. Given the type of device and the type of demographic that it definitely appeals to, it would almost seen like the perfect hardware monster to integrate an iris scanner in to.

(Source: SamMobile, [Google Translate])

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