Purported Galaxy Note 6 Codenamed ‘Grace’, Will Launch In Europe As Well

Samsung rumored to be introducing its next-gen phablet flaghsip this year, the Galaxy Note 6. Since it was alleged to bring with it a 6GB of RAM and Android N mobile operating as it major software, and today a list with the model number of that Note6 for various regions has been available online.

Galaxy Note 6 model number list leaks, Europe included
If that’s the case, then the new Galaxy Note 6 is codenamed Grace. The leaked lists also contains two interesting bits – a European variant is also mentioned right at the very bottom. It looks like Samsung will be using the same model numbers for all its major US carrier variants, while it did with the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. Most of the unlocked variants, it seems, it will take things a step further with the Galaxy Note 6 later this July.

This time around there will only be just one model of Galaxy Note 6 for all 4 carriers in United States, called N930U. India and South East Asia will receive the N930FD, similar to those model naming schemes of previously launched in the same regions. This could also see that Note6 will also carry a Dual-SIM functionality and a microSD card slot.

We can expect Samsung‘s Galaxy Note 6 will hold a Hybrid DualSIM slot, where it can use the second SIM slot as an expandable SD card. Or it will get a dedicated slot for that purpose, which remains unknown at the monent. Assuming that the Note 6 exclusively have IP68 certification of water and dust resistance, could also beefed with Snapdragon 823 SoC and to feature an Iris scanner on-board.

How much it turns real is to be seen, but with awesome Note5 as a base, the next Note flaghsip might just turn out to be mightly impressive. Stay tuned! For more leaks and rumors on yet-unannounced Galaxy Note 6.


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