Smartphones In India Should Have Included Panic Button From January 2017 [Rules Passed]

Indian governement’s new motion signed into law will require all iPhones, Android-powered devices, to feature a ‘panic button’ to call emergency services and GPS for location trackings from January st, 2017. In India, all the provisions are being brought into aid the ‘security of women’.

The new policy in India comes as an effort to protect and to women safety. The panic button is such integration that will have GPS systems enabled. The new rules were announced by India’s telecom ministry. The document dictates that smatphones need to add a physical button dedicated to emergency response or repurpose the power button with an additional gesture to initiate a call for help. Now that, GPS has existed in iPhones since the iPhone 3G but it seems Apple will have to make some software modifications to iOS platform to comply with the panic button request.

India to instate mandatory iPhone panic button in 2017
This suggested implementation is for smartphone makers to activate the panic button when the power button is pressed quicky three times, like SoS. Essentially, it needs to be activated wthout requiring use of the touchscreen. Pressing the panic button will alert the Police and their friends or family members, in order to take immediate action in case of distress or security reasons. Panic buttons will be activated on feature phones by pressing the ‘5’ or ‘9’ keys on pads, users should be able to make an emergency call for a long time, or pressing the power on and off button in quick succession three times.

Alternatively, when the panic button on phones in India activated, a signal will be sent to the nearest security agency to quickly respond. However, the system still remains to be in early stages as further details about the plan where not revealed. Via GPS location, this idea will definitely give security force more accountability in responding to emergency help requests from women.

Currently, iOS features quick access to dial an emergency number on the lck screen, password locked. Slide to the left and tap the ‘Emergency’ button. This brings up a special white/red dialpad that allows calls to emergency service numbers without needing to unlock the device. Unfortunately, this feature in iOS found not significant to comply with the new Indian ruling, though, as it necessiates an emergency response can be triggered without using the screen to navigate.

Handsets sold before the rule goes into effect can be upgraded at service centers. “Technology is solely meant to make human life better and what better than using it for the security of women,” Communications Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said in a statement. Furthermore also added to the plans is that all the manufacturers will have to abide by the new rules and release the software updates for phones sold in the country.

Indain emergency helpline numbers are “100” for Police, “101” Fire Brigade, “102” for Ambulance and dial “108” for Emergency Disaster Management. Of course, there is another proposal to roll out “112” as the equivalent of 911 in USA.

(Via: Indian Express)

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