This Is What The Rumored 4-inch iPhone SE Might Look Like [Photos]

Yet unconfirmed media event set on March 21, Apple’s rumored 4-inch iPhone SE is supposed to be unveiled and still got three weeks more to go live, and due to unusual lack of part leaks, we still have no clear idea on how the 4-inch iPhone exactly looks like, but reconciling the rumors, we have got a picture on what the device actually look like.

Suggested the device, said to be called the iPhone SE – neither the 6c nor 5se, but given the fact that it is a bit identical to iPhone 5s. Incorporating the curved cover glass of the iPhone 6 and 6s, iPhone SE imaginations goes wild wild west, because those are two very different design aesthetics.

Created a mockup by a designer called Tomas Mayano that combines the curved front panel of the iPhone 6s with the boxier, thicker shape of the iPhone 5s, endig up with an attractive iPhone SE design possibility that satisfies all of the current rumors. The schematic display assembly and conceptual design drawings of the 4-inch iPhone were outed last week, each created based on information sourced from parties with some knowledge of the 4-inch hardware design. Ultra-detailed schematic like those we have seen in the past from case makers, and the elements of the device’s design in the two drawings do not match up.

First image of the iPhone SE conceptual created by 9to5Mac, depicts the 4-inch device that is purely identical to the size and shape of iPhone 5s, matching rumors that will be able to be share cases. Id does not align with speculations regarding the curved display, instead appearing to depict the same flat front panel that’s used on the 5S.

Second one comes through OnLeak’s design drawing, which does include a clear curve on both the front display panel and the back panel of the yet-unannounced iPhone SE, lining up with the display rumors. But the curved display however results in a body design that would prevent the gadget from sharing cases with the iPhone 5s as aurged.

Renderings, which have been chosen to use the OnLeaks design drawings as a guidlines because its incorporates the curved display glass, that is one such feature can’t be ignored. With the 4-inch iPhone SE adopting internal features of the 6s, making some sense that it would follow the same logic design architecture, and should be noted that we do not know for sure that this is the design the device will adopt, which of course includes a power button located on the top of the device like the iPhone 5s, have round volume buttons, and a pill-shaped camera flash.

Technically, you’ll notice a protruding rear camera, suggesting the 4-inch iPhone will use the same 12-megapxel sensor found on iPhone 6se case, which may explain the protrusion. On the iPhone 6s, the camera protrudes approximately 0.7mm from the device’s 7.1mm body. In that case, the 4-inch iPhone SE is said to be getting the same thickness as the 5s, at 7.6mm, meaning the camera could still be too big to fit flush with the body.

There’s also the possibility the 4-inch iPhone SE device has just recently entering mass production, something that could expalin why the March 15th media event was pushed back to March 21st. As it stands now, the device’s launch is shaping up to be the biggest design surprise we’ve had in years.


Hardware specs internally, as rumors suggests the 4-inch SE mobile will include an A9 processor, 12MP camera, NFC chip to enable Apple Pay. Priced between $400 and $500 and will be available to purchase in the same color as the iPhone 6s was available. iPhone SE to come in Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, and Space Gray.

Launch date is set for iPhone SE, the 4-inch iPhone from Apple, holding an event on Monday, March 21st, alongside introducing the next-generation iPad, now called as branded 9.7-inch iPad Pro, actually said iPad Air 3, and new Apple Watch bands are expected to debut.

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