This Is A New Wireless Charging Kit Designed For Travelers By Mophie

There are several in a number of other third-party charging pads out there available to purchase for your high-end smartphones and tablets. Mophie in the similar race has announced the launch of the Charge Stream Travel Kit, which is somewhat wireless charging kit that’s specifically designed for use while traveling, as the name and title suggests.

Designed by Mophie for the iPhone X, iPhone 8, and the iPhone 8 Plus, as well as other Qi-enabled devices, this new Charging Stream Travel Kit includes 5W Charge System Pad Mini – is a wireless charger that can be bought separately, paired with a 2.4A wall adapter, a 2.4A car adapter, and a 1.5-foot USB-A to micro-USB cable.

The Charge Stream Pad Mini is a 5W charger, meaning that it’s not going to charge the iPhone X, 8, and 8 Plus at a faster 7.5W charging speed capabilities. All of the components for the Mophie’s new travel kit come in a handy size that keeps them all together and can also be easily stowed in a backpack or a car.

In terms of design, the Charge Stream Pad Mini is compact and slightly elevated with a low profile design that works anywhere. It includes a non-slip rubber grip to keep your iPhone in place.

Everything is clear and fair now. Mophie is selling its Charge Stream Tavel Kit at $49.95 on its website. While the Charge Stream Mini Pad can also be bought separately for $24.95.

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