More Details On Sileo Cydia Alternative / Replacement Installer For Electra Jailbreak Emerge

Now that we are in front of the Cydia replacement installer in the form of Sileo, an alternative installer set to be bundled with newer versions of the Electra Jailbreak.

More information on Sileo, a Cydia alternative has emerged into the Internet web, suggesting the app alongside the upcoming Electra jailbreak version update as a total replacement to Cydia on its way, which will remove the need for additional fixes and hacks to be included to keep Cydia safe and functional.

By all means, little detailing has actually been pushed out into the public domain as far as Sileo is concerned. What we learned is that the app dubbed Sileo is a work in progress project and it has already been designed to fully replace Cydia going forward on all future Electra jailbreak tools.

Here’s our first quick glimpse at the initial user interface for the app Sileo running on an iPad and have seen the adding of new repositories functionality in operation. As previously said, this process will be extremely familiar for all who have worked with Cydia earlier.

Developer CoolStar has now taken to Twitter in order to give some additional information on payments and how they will work across the Sileo platform and including various repositories. In short and quick listing, the developer has confirmed that any repository will be able to handle commercial packages and take payments from users and that additional API documentation will also be released in no time to enable owners of those repos to set up that flow:

any repo will be able to handle paid packages through Sileo. API documentation will be available once Sileo is released.

Once again, it has been confirmed that repositories will be able to use a “standardized API to present package price, purchase status, and handle payments seamlessly,” making it possible and users should expect to see a uniform process and genuine payments process throughout Sileo. Regardless of what they are purchasing or the repository that the purchase points to, Sileo install will help get rid of errors. This is something like as good news as you think, which gives the comfort to package and tweak developers that payments will still be able to be taken and handled once the comfort zone of Cydia is removed (permanently?).

This is definitely a good news to see more information about Sileo filtering surface through into the public domain. However, what the community really wants is an indication of when Sileo will actually be released and when we can expect to see a fully functional version of it in the real-world in real-time jailbreaking glory.

(Source: @coolstarorg [Twitter])

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