More Details On iOS 12, iOS 13, macOS 10.14 Features Leaked

In today’s headlines we have something more about iOS 12, iOS 13 and macOS 10.14 features that are said to be coming later this year, also making it possible for developers to release apps that work across iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Starting with iOS 12 and macOS 10.14, which should be introduced at WWDC 2018 in June, will be focused on the software that powers the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Both iOS and macOS will receive updates during the year, of that there is no doubt and certainly no surprise, but as we continue to learn heavily about those releases.

iOS 12 Features

Apple’s alleged plans to double down on the quality of its iPhone, iPad, and Mac software platforms. The latest report claims that Apple’s software engineers will have enough discretion to delay features that aren’t included as polished. With the company essentially shifting to more of a two-year roadmap for iOS and macOS, rather than trying to release major feature-packed upgrades every single year without question.

What we know thus far is that Apple is planning to take 2018 and use it to improve the stability of iOS, making it less bug-prone and improving performance. Now that, according to the recent leaks, at least have us believe.

Despite the increased focus on under-the-hood refinements, iOS 12 is still expected to add some significant new features, including Animoji in FaceTime, which will literally enable people to place virtual faces over themselves during video calls.

Additionally, in iOS 12, continues to show deeper Siri integration in the iPhone’s search view, Do Not Disturb improvements that will give users more options to automatically reject phone calls or silence notifications, a redesigned version of its Stocks app, and a multiplayer mode for augmented reality games.

iOS 12 – 2018

  • An overall increase in stability of the iPhone and iPad software with additional performance improvements also expected
  • Improvements to ARKit
  • Revamped Stocks and Health apps
  • New Animojis along with a change to how they are navigated during selection
  • Improved parental controls
  • FaceTime calls that support more than two people with Animoji support included
  • Face ID support to arrive on the iPad, along with new hardware
  • Improved Do Not Disturb controls
  • Siri integration with the iOS Search view
  • A new interface for importing photos into an iPad
  • Cross-platform apps – one app for use across iPhone, iPad, and Mac

iOS 13 – 2019

  • A new, redesigned Home screen layout that will see iOS depart from the stale “grid of apps” look we have endured since the very first iPhone
  • The ability to run two instances of the same app, at the same time
  • The ability to run multiple windows within an app on the iPad, similar to tabs in Safari, and a feature for all apps in macOS.
  • Improved Apple Pencil capabilities for the iPad Pro
  • A redesigned Photos app
  • A redesigned CarPlay interface for those able to take advantage of it
  • The ability to mute individual threads within the Mail app

Apple is also rethinking its release cycle for iOS and macOS, planning FaceTime improvements, HomeKit support for macOS in version 10.14 High Sierra. Some of the major new features and enhancements planned for this year’s macOS 10.14 software update reportedly have included ” a new project around security”, as well as waking from sleep and unlocking with Apple Watch.

Details on the upcoming Apple’s desktop operating system, macOS 10.14 have emerged in a new report.

macOS 10.14 – 2018

  • Similarly to iOS 12, this release will be the first to include support for true cross-platform apps
  • Some iOS apps may make the jump to the Mac, including the Home app for use with home automation hardware

(Source: Bloomberg)

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