All About Moto Z2 Play With Four Moto Mods Detailed Here

Motorola Moto Z2 Play has been introduced, the successor to last year’s popular Moto Z Play coming with four Moto Mods, including JBL SoundBoost 2, the Moto TurboPower Pack, Moto Style Shells with Wireless Charging and the Moto GamePad. Here is everything you may want to know about in detail.

In addition to Moto Z2 Play, Motorola has also revealed four new Mods for its 2017 Z line of smartphones. All of which will be available for purchase this summer. In order to check out the highlights and compatibility, we have shared some of its features and functionalities that Moto Z2 Play is capable of.

The Moto Z2 Play comes with a redesigned fingerprint sensor and also combined with new voice controls that will provide information instantly without having to unlock the phone. Speaking about the new Mods, the TurboPower Pack and GamePad are the most interesting.


The TurboPower Pack: this Mod brings Motorola’s quick charging features to a portable Mod. It has a 3,490 mAh battery that can charge the phone at 15W speeds. A USB Type-C lets you refuel the Mod itself to 50% in just 20 minutes of charging.

The GamePad Mod: It attaches to Moto Z phones just like any other Moto Mod which includes dual control sticks, a D-pad, and four buttons. As per Motorola, it was developed in partnership with the gaming division at parent company Lenovo and it has a 1.035mAh battery so it doesn’t rely on the phone’s battery for power.

The SoundBoost 2 Mod: This is a bit similar one to last year’s SoundBoost, but it comes in three colors. It has a fabric covering, though, and is now splash-resistant either. It works with a new app from JBL that lets you customize (adjust) the sound coming from the speaker. There’s wireless charging shells also come in a variety of color fragrants and finishes, all they support 10W fast wireless charging with compatible chargers.

The SoundBoost 2, TurboPower Pack, and GamePad will sell for $79.99. And the wireless charging Style Shells are $39.99 apiece.

Motorola has committed to launching at least a dozen new Mods this year and it still has a number of phones in uts lineup that haven’t been updated for 2017, so we should soon hear more from the company about the rest as the summer progresses. Until then, be sure to check out our full review of the Moto Z2 Play for more info.

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