Motorola P30 Announced: An Absolute iPhone X Clone For You

Apple’s iPhone X is 2018’s top of best smartphone in all its glory, and the latest iPhone clone to make its way to China is here. Motorola P30 all officially announced, ready to go on sale this September 15th as an absolute iPhone X moniker.


Otherwise, the device is set to be the mid-range P30 device with P30 Pro and P30 Note yet to be announced. All of these handsets borrows heavily from Apple’s iPhone X aesthetic as has become the norm over the last twelve months. The new device will definitely give Motorola’s sales a head start in China, an area that it has not sold huge numbers in despite being a local company.

Specifications wise, the Motorola P30 ticks the kinds of boxes you would expect it too. Well, there are two options, one with 64GB of storage (costs 2,099 yuan or $303), and the other with a more spacious 128GB offering (2,499 yuan or $360). No matter which you opt for you can expect to get a device with a very respectable 6GB of RAM and a Snapdragon 636 CPU.

There’s relatively bigger 6.2-inch display with a standard 2246 x 1080 FullHD resolution accompanied by a smaller 3000 main battery power. That’s somewhat a good news because things start to go a little downhill when it comes to software. There’s a 16 + 5MP dual-camera setup, along with a 12MP module for the front-facing selfie camera.

Unfortunately, this thing being sold as China-only edition right now, meaning that it will use ZUI 4.0 as a software skin, laid atop Android 8.0 Oreo. With Android 9.0 Pie having only just arrived on Pixel devices it was always too much to ask for it to debut here. It could be replaced with something a little more “toned down” for an international audience if and when the P30 does break out beyond Chinese shores, but for now, it’s ZUI 4.0 or nothing.

If you can get beyond that software the device itself is a looker, especially in the Aurora color that you will see in most press shots. There still are black and white options available to purchase for the less adventurous, but we think you’ll be missing out if you opt for either of those.

Motorola P30 is official with SD636 and ZUI 4.0

As for the famous notch placement, we’re very much used to it at this point. Its inclusion does allow for some sort of facial recognition unlocking solution, although its reliability remains to be seen, and there is a fingerprint scanner around the back, too. Given its price, we think this could be a great deal phone if you’re in China. And we’ll wait to see what changes if any are brought to the handset when it goes live international.

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