Waze Now Offers User-Recorded Voice Option For Navigation

Want to listen your own voice now, Waze is now offering a feature that lets you record navigation instructions, wish you could hear your significant other whisper “turn left here” into your ear while on the road. Making it so simple by Waze, now helps you record the turn-by-turn direction terms itself, or if you prefer, you could ask a friend or family member to do it and ask them to have a little fun with it.

Well, now you can with Waze on Android. The newest addition added to Waze update is a new Voice Recorder menu, available in Waze settings under Sound & Voice. After you turn it on, you’ll need to then record all 39 of the phrases Waze uses, such as “All set, let’s go!,” and “Turn right.”

Of course, it’s in Waze’ best interest to recommend that users speak as clearly as possible to ensure that you can easily here to directions as they come up, but its likely isn not going to stop users from having as much fun as possible with this new voice option.

You will already find this new option tucked in the settings menu of the Waze application if you have the latest update version installed. To find it, simply tap on the search button in the bottom left corner, and once the pop up menu slides in from the left, tap on the gear button to open up the app settings. Scroll to discover “sound & voice” listed under Advanced Settings and from there you should see the new option for Voice Recorder with a “new” tag on it.

Why anyone around would ever want to do this beyond adapting directions to a language Waze doesn’t support, but naturally, it could make sense for some sort of good pranks on friends if you can get a hold of their phone for five minutes to record everything. Inside you will find a fairly long list of turn by turn direction terms and to record your voice you’ll need to tap on each and every one of them, recording the term, then hitting the save button to activate them for the next time you need to use directions.

There are still quite a few terms in the directions list, while Waze has designed this new feature to default to whatever voice you have selected for those you don’t ever record. If you only really want to record few terms, you can do so and leave the rest on the stock. Still got a better way to pull all the terms back to a default voice sound as there’s an option to remove all from the list down at the very bottom of the page where the terms are all listed around.

By the way, the new voice recorder option on Waze follows up the recently added Mr T.voice that showed up in the app showed back up on May 3rd. If you haven’t downloaded and installed Waze on your device, here’s the link from where you can grab it right now.

The update is live on Google Play now, you can download Waze app on your Android right away, there are plenty of other ways to make Waze useful instead of just weird. Try it!

Waze (Free) | Google Play

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