Netflix Refreshes Its TV-Based Apps For Better Browsing Of Shows & Movies, More Highlights

A new Netflix TV app update is being rolled out to eligible customers, in fact, the ever popular streaming video service has today announced a range of redesigns across its refreshed TV-based apps, including the Apple TV and other set-top boxes.

The revamped interface is supposed to make it even easier to find the required content for throughout Netflix, according to the company itself.

Netflix Redesigns TV Apps With Side Bar Interface Housing My List, Search, and More

The various rows of content continue to be the main focus in the redesigned apps, users will notice a new sidebar of the left side of their screens where Search, Home, Series, Movies, TV Shows, My List, and New entries live. Here’s the actual theory highlights is it will make it easier for users to jump from one type of content, namely movies or shows, to another without having to go on a vertical scrolling mystery tour in the progress.

Netflix has revealed a new design for its “TV experiences,” or TV-based apps, that aims to make it unique to find TV shows and movies on the service. Netflix with a redesigned TV-based apps making it far simpler to jump directly to specific sections of Netflix you want to get to without having to scroll around looking for them.

Beyond it, the overall experience of using the new Netflix app remains the same, including the hugely irritating auto-playing previews. Netflix’s director of product innovation Stephen Garcia said that the new update came out of “extensive research” into how its users browse for content.

While this may feel like an obvious update to some, validating that this TV experience was better for our members took extensive research, testing and technology improvements. Along those lines, we will continuously learn from our members and evolve the TV experience so that it gets even more simple, fun and easy to find the stories that make Netflix great.

In our testing of this new interface, we saw that that this simpler design helped members find something great to watch.

Currently, Netflix has not confirmed which individual devices will receive the update, the “TV experience” devices as an all-encompassing reference to apps on streaming boxes, as it mentions usually covers anything from smart TVs to game consoles and everything in between. Then the fourth generation Apple TV and Apple TV 5 users will see the update alongside other platforms, with a rollout that begins worldwide today.

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