New Raspberry Pi Zero W With Wi-Fi And Bluetooth Only Costs $10

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has announced a new low-cost computer, joining the family in the middle of its already burgeoning range of micro-sized computers. The last release was Raspberry Pi 3 and after a year, now joined by another bundle of tricks in the shape of the Raspberry Pi Zero W. Still tinier and cheaper than the flagship, the Raspberry Pi Zero goes wireless. The newest member of the Pi product line costs $10 plus tax and includes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capability.


The Raspberry Pi Zero W is an updated version of the Pi Zero, and here ‘W’ means Wireless. As you might expect means this new release offers the same hardware as the existing $5 Raspberry Pi Zero, but this time with 802.11n WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0 added to the mix.

The rest of the specifications – 1Ghz single-core Broadcom BCM2835 CPU, 512MB iof RAM, 40-pin header, etc. – remain the same. The new Pi Zero W is almost identical to the original, but doubles the price to $10 and adds a wireless chip that supports Wi-Fi (2.4GHz-only) and Bluetooth 4.0 sync and pairing.

In November 2015, we launched Raspberry Pi Zero, the diminutive $5 entry-level Raspberry Pi. This represented a fivefold reduction in cost over the original Model A: it was cheap enough that we could even stick it on the front cover of The MagPi, risking civil insurrection in newsagents throughout the land.

To acknowledge the theme, the new $10 Raspberry Pi Zero W is still less than the Pi 3 and is undoubtedly a steal. Just think of all the additional uses this ting can be put to now that it includes wireless connectivity!


UK prices will be around £8 or £9, and the Zero W will be available for sale from here. The Raspberry Pi Foundation is also offering up new injection-molded cases for use with the new kit.

To accompany Raspberry Pi Zero W, we’ve been working with our friends at Kinneir Dufort and T-Zero to create an official injection-moulded case. This shares the same design language as the official case for the Raspberry Pi 3, and features three interchangeable lids:

A blank one
One with an aperture to let you access the GPIOs
One with an aperture and mounting point for a camera

Alongside the new hardware the team has also announced a raft of new distributors for its wares, with new sellers having come online recently.

You may have noticed that we’ve added several new Zero distributors recently: ModMyPi in the UK, pi3g in Germany, Samm Teknoloji in Turkey, Kubii in France, Spain, Italy and Portugal, and Kiwi Electronics in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

The Zero W also has a new case with three interchangeable lids, one that’s solid, one with a hole for GPIO pins, and third with a hole for the camera module.

Raspberry Pi Zero W Specs in Brief:

  • Broadcom BCM2835 application processor clocked in at 1GHz (ARM11 core that’s 40% faster than Raspberry Pi 1)
  • microSD Card Slot
  • miniHDMI Output (1080p 60 fps)
  • microUSB Ports (Data and Power)
  • Unpopulated composite video header and unpopulated 40 pin GPIO header
  • Composite video and reset headers
  • CSI camera connector
  • WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
  • Bluetooth 4.0

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