New 15-Inch MacBook Pro With Kaby Lake, 32GB RAM Coming Later This Year

A top Apple analyst suggests the company will release updated Mac notebooks with Intel’s next-generation Kaby Lake processors later this year, as this latest research notes coming from KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

Although said new 12-inch MacBook models with Kaby Lake processors will enter mass production in early second quarter, which may start in March, and noted a 16GB of Desktop-Class RAM option could be added-presumably as a high-end or built-in-order configuration. Well, the two currently available 12-inch MacBook configurations include 8GB of RAM memory.

With that said, Kuo claims new 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro models with Kaby Lake processors will start mass production in the early stages of third quarter, in July. However, the research note didn’t mentioned any specific timescale of how much RAM these unannounced models will have, but 16GB could remain the limit due to the restrictions of current memory designs.

Interesting point Kuo mentions is a “15-inch MacBook” that includes 32GB of RAM and will enter mass production in the early fourth quarter, which is expected in September. This new model will be “the most significantly redesigned product this year,” and he believes it will adopt desktop-class RAM to satisfy high-end users.

Given the fact that the high-end specifications of the hardware, it’s likely to see the 15-inch MacBook be part of the MacBook Pro lineup, but Kuo did not specify. Beyond faster processors and increased memory, most other specs and the design of all of the notebooks will be similar to equivalent models released in 2016.

Kuo also believes the new Kaby Lake notebooks will be power efficient, which may directly effect shipments. He estimates that Mac notebook shipments will resume year-over-year growth at about 10-percent on the strength of the new series, while deliveries will be quicker as production delays affecting 2016 models are resolved.

Expecting that Apple may discount the 13-inch MacBook Pro with a standard row of function keys this year that model gradually replaces the 13″ MacBook Air in Apple’
s notebook arena.

No release dates were mentioned or rumored, Kuo already said he expects new MacBook Pro models with 32GB of RAM to launch in the Q2 of 2017.

(Source: MacRumors)

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