New Apple Patent Feature True Wireless Charging Without Charging Pad

Although we are accompanied with the fact that Apple is bring wireless charging to its upcoming iPhone 8 and other two next-gen iPhones this fall. Now, we have come through a notice that Apple has filed for a new patent in which it details plans to use wireless technology to charge devices that too without the need for a cable or charging pad. Here are the particulars you may want to know about.

Wireless Charging iPhone
What Apple believes is by using one or all of a number of different radio frequencies such as cellular (700MHz to 2700MHz), Wi-Fi (2.4GHz to 5GHz), and millimeter wave (between 10GHz and 400GHz) can charge devices like iPhones and iPads without a user having to plug them in or be in close proximity to a traditional wireless charging dock or pad.

Carrying the title Wireless Charging and Communications Systems With Dual-Frequency Patch Antennas, the patent does specifically mention the possibility of transmiting power through the 60GHz wavelength that is used by the WiGig 802.11ad standard. This utterly make sense on Apple’s part because this is the closest thing to an adopted high-frequency option available right now.

Apple’s patent also directly states the use of beamforming technology to locate a device that requires charging feature and then power in that direction. Beamforming is already used in many home routers and access points, though including those sold by Apple. If the company looking for building this charging technology into something as ubiquitous as a WiFi access point, things could get very interesting indeed.

From the past to this day, Apple has a long history of filing for patents but that never actually using that patent for a real, shipping product. Reason behind that is Apple patents anything and everything that is boffins come up with, no matter how unlikely it is to be implemented in a product that it can sell to customers. Like: MicroLED Display With Interactive Fingerprint-Sensing Capabilities

Not all patent applications eventually give us a clear indication of what Apple is truly working on, but sometimes, it makes us think something to the patent-shaped tea leaves. This latest wireless charging patent is one of those kinds. Stay tuned and learn more here at the source: USPTO.

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