New Details For iPhone 8 Emerge: Siri Speaker, Apple AR Glasses, More By Insider

According to a user post on Reddit today, a team of Foxconn insiders offered some details on a host of future Apple products, including the iPhone 8, the alleged Siri Speaker, augmented reality glasses, upgrades to the iMac line and the well-rumored dynamic e-ink keyboards slated for 2018 MacBooks.

As for the legitimacy of information provided in the thread, a mod of the host subreddit was quick to back up, posting that “appropriate documentation and evidence” has been provided. While some of the products discussed in the thread however, are still a year or more away from their release window, which is to say what we’ve learnt here could change drastically in the months to come.

Although the iPhone 8’s final design is a bit ready for prime time, though, with roughly foyr months left till its reveal. The leaker claims to have seen EVT (Engineering Validation Test) units of the yet-unannounced smartphone back in January and highlights the design as resembling that of the iPhone 7, described with thinner top and bottom bezels, and more glass finish on the chassis. These units, the leaker’s network claims, didn’t show up fingerprint scanner on the rear, and also, there were some with Touch ID embedded below the front glass panel, their “performance and yield rates” were found lacking. The next iPhone, they believe, may very well replace Touch ID with camera-based authentication, alternatively (Iris scanner).

Speaking about Apple’s Amazon Echo competitor, Siri Speaker – expected to be unveiled during the WWDC 2017 opening keynote this month, the alleged Foxconn insider claims the smart speaker technology is the “same shape” as a Mac Pro but smaller, and still has three designs tested for the device, including one with a camera and another with a screen. They admit the speaker might be announced during WWDC, but with Hon Hai having lost its contract with Apple to produce the device, it’s likely the so-called Siri Speaker won’t be released till much later in the year.

Regarding to Apple’s iMac line, the leaker also said that the upgrades in the pipeline for 2017 only feature changes to the internals, 2018 may be the year Apple’s desktop computers finally receive major upgrade (cosmetic update), with a dark black design, more glass on the chassis, and glowing Apple logo being tested.

With that said, the MacBook line too has been claimed to have minimal changes (upgrades) planned for this year, such as includes e-ink keyboards planned for 2018 models. These keyboards will retain the Touch Bar from the 2016 MacBook Pro lineup, replacing the rest with “smart any key tech.” The leaker utterly mentioned an external keyboard in the works – most likely an upgrade to the Magic Keyboard – based purely on the same technology.

Now that Apple’s AR glasses. It is claimed to be set for a 2018/2019 release frame, though the leaker mentions that the project, currently named “Project Mirrorshades – Apple Iris,” may actually have already been cancelled. Details on test units were still revealed, though, with the product sounding a lot like the discontinued Google Glass, featuring an accelerometer and light sensors for tracking steps and head movements, magnetometer for navigation, “bone induction modules,” and noise cancelling microphones.

(Source: Reddit)(Via: RedmondPie)

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