New Emojis iPhone And iPad Users Can Expect With iOS 10.2 Release

Here are some of those all new emoji characters, functionalities and new features coming with the release of iOS 10.2 for public consumption. A new version of iOS focuses entirely on the fact that it contains brand new emoji characters that will take your texting game to the next level.


Fans of the new messaging features in iOS 10, but are sick and tired of existing emoji characters, then iOS 10.2 is fairly going to be an update that you need in your life. iOS 10.2 may be available as a beta currently, but when it drops in, it will feature a refreshed batch of new and updated Unicode 9 emoji characters ready to be sent or used by everyone.

Now that Apple has decided to support the new Unicode 9 emoji characters in its iOS and macOS platforms, which were announced by the Unicode Consortium earlier this year. This means that iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users, as well as Mac and Apple Watch users, get to bask in the glory of having a heap of new emojis to splatter across messages, could be via iMessages, Facebook Messenger, or even other third-party messaging apps like WhatsApp and Snapchat.

Introduced with iOS 10.2 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices are being some fantastic and highly anticipated emoji characters. For instance, Apple has finally made available of gorgeous shrug emoji for those who want to express their lack of interest or disdain in a conversation.

There’s still a new fingers-crossed emoji for those wanting to convey a message of luck. New face palm emoji to show how extremely vaxed. Also added are a new variety of emoji characters, with the likes of ducks, lizards and sharks all getting their own emoji symbol.

(In the image above you can see the some of the new emojis, including one for croissant, facepalm, shrug, selfie, bacon and more.)

New emoji related to a variety of professions are added as well, including one for painter, astronaut, firefighter, judge among others.

(New emoji for people category, including pilot and astronaut)

Currently discovered on both developers and public beta testers iOS 10.2 IPSW files, which is expected to go live for everyone later this year. With all of the 72 new Unicode 9 emoji characters included as part of the update.

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