New Facebook Notify App For iOS Released, Download It From Here [360-Degree Videos]

Facebook has already started rolling out its 360-degree video supportfor its iOS app, having previously available for Android and Web. On the footage, there’s another Facebook mobile app for iOS is ready to experience, called Notify.

The Facebook’s Notify app for iOS is available to download right now. With the Notify increment, Facebook aims at to bring breaking News, Sports score updates, Weather and other notifications right on your iPhone’s Lock screen. Pretty cool.

Facebook Releases New iOS App Called Notify, Download It Now

New app releases go by, as Facebook is on a hot-wheel radar these days as the social networking giant streamrolls yet another new application onto the iOS App Store. Notify by Facebook, an app that take on the world of relevant news and notifications with the newly released app, bringing in the timely info regarding a user’s favorite subject as a notification allowing them to keep abreast with development as they happen.

The latest creation of Facebook, Notify is built to offer you quick news right across your iPhone’s lock screen so you can glance at it, or choose to drive into the entire article linked into Notify. With the acquisition of WhatSapp was any hint, then, the social networking platform is looking to invade both the mobile and web space with innovative products and services, like it did with the Notify iOS app.

The case with apps of its nature, Notify on iOS can be personalized according to your preference, and lets you choose from a variety of content. Facebook has also integrated a weather forecast notification for the day. Given how it brings you breaking news and information from sources of your choice, it’s almost like Facebook’s own mini-Twitter effort, but for now we can make sure that the two are not looking to converge onto a common path.

facebook-notify-3Currently Notify fed by 72 sources in total to start with, and includes the likes of Billboard, CBS Sports, CNN, Discovery, Comedy Central, E!, ABC, TIMES, Sports Illustrated etc. All news is sent as push notification to your device. But wondering why facebook decided to jump into this particular auction, specially when it although has a dedicated News Feed on its social platform, which can easily be browsed through with a search function, it all boils down to advertising streams where referels traffic from Facebook has seen as a steady decline.

Facebook’s new Notify for iPhone is available right now with Android version said to be coming out very soon.

(Download: Notify for iPhone from the App Store)

Facebook’s newly iOS-bound 360-degree videos allow users to move their iPhone or iPad around in order to change the field of view during playback. Available as an option for anyone who uploads a video but being particularly targeted and utilized in the Facebook advertising space.


Publishers and brands already taking advantage of 360-degree videos on Facebook include VICE and The Disney Channel. Alongside the launch of 360-degree videos into the Facebook iOS apps, the company has also taken the wraps off of a new microsite at, which is dedicated to the videos, explaining best practices for filming them and detailing how to upload them.

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