Meet New Tech: Fingerprint Sensors Bond Under Gorilla Glass Could Allow Button Free iPhones

Apple’s iPhone models has Touch ID gesture based on fingerprint sensors and that is what Sonavation gonna change, a security technology firm has just announced this new tech, where it allows ultrasonic fingerprint sensors can now be embedded under the Gorilla Glass, bonded directly into the display – potentially paving the way for anticipated iPhone designs without home buttons.

Sonavation claimed that its 3D scanning technology can remain accurate in all situations, even if a finger is moist, oily, or dirty, you can expect the same level of accuracy.

In the past it was suggested that Apple is working on eliminating the Home button from future iPhones, and would be the first models with such tech are unlikely to ship until 2017 at the very earliest. However, the key obstacle will be replacing the Touch ID sensor embedded in the button with equivalent fingerprint detection embedded in the screen, but this new tech shows us a step in the right direction.

It is also said that the company is working pn chips that merge separate touch and display driver functions, which could easily replaced by Force Touch and other gesture based functionalities.

Whether the technology works with Sapphire Glass if Apple chooses to switch away from Gorilla Glass is in question. On how to replace iOS commands that currenly rely on a home button, though Force Touch and multi-finger geastures could provide a relatively simple solution.

It’s not clarified as yet whether all the aforementioned details going to work, or Apple could want to turn to a company like Sonavation to create a complete new package is unknown.


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